Mario sunshine.....had to get a refund


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Im sorry to all you Mario fans.....but i had to take that game back to the shop for a refund!!!

been playing it all week and never has a game made me scream in frustraion......

maybe its my poor gameplaying skills

maybe its my slow reflex's (36 ya know)

or maybe its just designed for kiddis who dont know any better

I've had consoles since the Atari 2600 and almost every 1 since....inclucding the 3DO (bet ya dont remember that?)

i loved mario on the fact its still one of my fav games....

I did really did like sunshine .. i mean it looked excellant just a little to hard for my poor skills

But saying that im a bit off a online wizz at games like halflife and unreal.....

I spect ill be playing sim games the wife does already:eek:


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too hard?! Really?! I'm ok-ish with platform games but I have found this quite easy certainly until you get to the 30 shine point. It's certainly the first complaint I've heard about Mario Sunshine. I love Halflife but I don't like online PC gaming.


I'm not as keen on it as SMB64. It seems to use the dumb old school style 3d platform sections that aren't integrated into the levels very regularly. These are murder and seriously hinder it imho. Now Starfox and Eternal Darkness those are good...

and TS2 on Xbox :)


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Now Starfox and Eternal Darkness those are good...

Have to agree that Starfox is excellent.

But I am finding Mario very frustrating at times, but never to the point of turning the cube off, it is nice to have a game with some challange for a change.


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i know what you mean when you say it is frustrating.but i think it`s the age.i`m 32 and really like mario sunshine also most console games,in fact i have had a few consoles and pc`s.age will never stop me from playing games.the thing is my nephew can wipe the floor with me @ most games now.he`s 10.i dare not show him mario as he would probably complete that in no time and make me even more frustrated.:) i shall keep going untill i get to the end whether it be in the next few weeks or months.


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We're a right bunch of old codgers (I'm 33)!! The funny thing is that I bought SMB2 and Smash Bros Melee just for the multi-play with my parents. There are few things in life funnier than beating your dad up using Kirby!

I'm still tempted by Mario Sunshine, though I'd have to rate my platformer skills as average at best. Is it tougher than Manic Miner!?



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I remember finding manic miner fairly tricky, but ok.

however i played it again recently and thought it was rock hard, I think alot of it has to do with patience, these days games seem to flow more and when I get a game like mario I have to get my head round taking my time again (jumping between platforms etc.) and i tend to just try and rush a level, then get extremly frustraded.

But with mario sunshine i haven't really got frustrated with the game, just myself, which keeps me going at it, sign of good game design ?


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Think you may be right.......

pokes...forgot all about them......ehhehehheheh

even remember when the mag C&VG used to have type in games for the zx81......i ruled at 3d monster maze.....Well untill the 2rd level when it was sooooooooooooooooo hard:p


super mario on the snes will never be beaten!!

1 of the greatest games of all time...

in fact the snes was the golden era of games in my opinion ... SF2, Mario Kart etc.
... never equaled or beaten!!

you canstill go back to these games and fully enjoy them and leaen new tricks

snake II

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True say , super mario world on the snes, was great no, excellant i remember playing this game through all the 94 or 96 levels through the diffrent worlds, yoshis island, illusion forest star road etc, ever since that game i thought yeah mario 64 would be better, as its 3d it will be harder as well as challeinging but i was wrong i never liked the game it was crap, not challeningin the bosses are fools they tell you how to kill them, also there is a lack of enemies on any level and they hardly attack you, super mario snes was just tooooo good, now mario sunshine i havent bought it due to the same reason as mario 64, i think that if i 'll buy it i wont like it at all, looks like i have to wait till nintendo make another 2d mario world game for the gba, after yoshi's island (aka super mario world 2)


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have to say Starfox is turning out to be short and way too easy. how did they spend 4 years on it. MMMMMMMMMMario is much better 119 stars i need 1 more blue coin, its so annoying cant find it anywhere (had to use an online gameguide to find the previous 22)


I'm stuck on StarFox, 80% through, just can't destroy the 4 damn towers before the missiles get me! Aaarrgghhh!

Super Mario Sunshine is frustrating me too.... I only have 24 shines and I'm finding it tough going now..... just can't seem to get anywhere on the levels I need to pregress. Sigh. I love it as well..... I have played games since the days of the Spectrum and Amstrad 464 - I should be better than this !!! :confused:

Guys, if you want to re-live the SNES Super Mario World experience, buy a GBA, they are bringing them all out (Super Mario Advance 2 and 3 for instance)

Mrs Taz. :kisses:


CUBE magazine have an excellant little paperback book that tells you all the 120 shines. You actually need it to complete game there are some very obscure hidden ones. Anyway the guide doesnt ruin the game as there is still a lot of skill involved even if you know how to do it,.


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Regarding the best platformer ... I reckon Banjo Tooie is the best I've played, certainly far more fun than Sunshine. Worth getting a cheap N64 to play it.

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