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The Mario series has almost always been nothing short of incredible. If you've been playing video games for even a few years and have tried to come up with a list of the best games ever made, chances are you placed at least two or three Mario games high on that list. But Super Mario Sunshine has trouble living up to that legacy. On its own merits, Super Mario Sunshine is a solid game with a really distinctive look and some great moments, but it also has its fair share of shortcomings. While the game isn't overly difficult, too many of the game's goals are the sort that make you think, "Well, at least I'll never have to do that again," immediately after completing them. While some gamers will be able to look past or even embrace the fact that Super Mario Sunshine sticks extremely close to Super Mario 64's formula, others will find that the game suffers from a lack of innovation. The game's technical issues and often-gimmicky design are still tougher to ignore, and they combine to make the game seem surprisingly unpolished and somewhat rushed at times. In the end, though, there's enough in Super Mario Sunshine to warrant a purchase, particularly when you consider that there really aren't any decent platformers to be found on the GameCube and that this really is the only new Mario game out there
I've spoken on my thoughts on reviews in an EDGE forum a while back.. Sure its 8.0 but then if you go to IGN or look at Famitsu there are higher scores...

Personally I never go by one review/source alone and indeed it helps to use personal preferance too. For example a videogame like Last Blade II would be given a rating of 7/10 but I would still buy it because I know its a top 2D fighting game. The reason being for its 7/10 score is because it won't appeal to everyone. The same could go for R-Type or Contra... The only exception here is Radiant Silvergun... Probably one of the finest shooters ever made.
I think 8/10 is a fair score for this game.
I would have given mario 64 10/10 when it first appeared and prolly still give it 9/10 now, Everyone i know who has played both for an extended period seems to agree with this too.

Dont get me wrong I class 8/10 a very good score i am not knocking the game at all and it is the best title to come out in a long while, on any format , ICO was the last game that really blew mw away, and that is up there with mario64, zelda and earlier games such as secret of mana.

I just feel that all the way through Mario 64 I couldnt wait to find the next little area, and i knew it would feel fresh, you just don't get that with sunshine.All too samey for me, it isn't shouting at me to play it.

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