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Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games or Beijing 2008?


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Ok I know Beijing 2008 is on different formats (although I'm mainly interested in the PS3 version) but which of the above two games would you say is better? I've read the previous threads relating to just M&[email protected] but thought I'd start this thread to see what the comparisons between the two are as I'm thinking of getting one. Both are considered to be button-bashers although I would imagine M&S has a lot more arm-waving involved and both have got mixed reviews. I know that M&S is usually always in the top ten lists but I tend to ignore this as any game involving Mario and/or Sonic normally gets into the top-ten for a lengthy period of time, especially on the Wii. I've played a quick demo of Beijing 2008 on my PS3 at the weekend with my friend and we both had a good laugh, although we were limited to only 3 events (one track and two field, namely 100m, triple jump and hammer throw). I was a little concerned with the amount of abuse the joypad would take, especially with the analogue sticks. In the 100m you had to waggle them left and right quite ferociously and in the case of the hammer throw you had to circle them round and round.

I'm not looking to take any of the games seriously and try to beat any world records or anything, I just want a game that will be good fun in multiplayer. So what would you guys and girls recommend?


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I don't own either of those but I have read quite alot of opinion.

Are you looking mainly for local multiplayer or does online come into it. If the latter then obviously Beijing on the PS3 will likely be your better option, although I have noticed alot of people really love Mario & Sonic with a few friends around.

I have read quite a few people discussing just how tough Beijing is, a real killer on the thumbs/arms apparently, especially gruelling in certain events. From what I gather Mario & Sonic would be more instantly accessable than Beijing so if you want to get the family invloved that might be something else to consider.

Both sound like good games so pretty hard to recommend one over the other, good luck:smashin:


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Well I had a visit to a few game shops this week and I think that price might be a huge factor in deciding which one to get. The majority of games I buy are usually pre-owned ones as they're miles cheaper normally. Well I popped into Game, Gamestation and HMV (who have just started doing pre-owned games under the Replay banner) and M&S was £29.99 at all three stores! I was astonished that a game that has been out for so long was priced this highly second-hand. You can get it for about £34.99 new. Whereas Beijing 2008 was around half the price at £14.99. So I'm seriously considering picking up Beijing 2008 now, despite my reservations re. its possible joypad-destroying control-system.

I curse the popularity of the Mario & Sonic franchise's, it seems no matter how good or bad any of their games are, the shops still charge a fortune for them for as long as they can.


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Wii games especially the popular and/or good ones typically hold their value a lot longer then PS3 and 360 games. It's a general thing and not just applicable to the shops you mentioned. The pre-owned games are priced according to the price of new ones which as they hold their value means so do the second hand Wii games.


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i have both and there both good, although obviously beijing is more realistic to view.
the easiest way to decide is, if you want to pump your hand and fingers, go for beijing. if you want to get your blood pressure up, go for mario and sonic.
problem solved.:thumbsup:


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Blimey NFL! That's almost as hard of a choice as in The Life of Brian's "Cake or Death" scene. I think I'll go for Beijing just cos it's cheaper and then I'll probably end up swapping it back again a week later. Sorry this has ended up going the way of the PS3 in a Wii-only part of the forum's.

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