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When playing Worldwide or Regional I have no problems connecting. Same goes for my brother.

However, when trying to play each other (using the Firends options) we both always get the Unable to meet up message.

I have configured both our routers to have the Wii in the DMZ but that makes no difference.

Funny thing is, if either of us play a Worldwide or Regional game, the other person can then join in that game with no problems.

We both have US Wii's in the UK if that makes a difference.

Any ideas?


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I've never come across this before.

Even if you both have US Wii's, I think you connect to each other ad hoc/directly (when you play friends, the person who creates the room is the "server"....the person who joins your room connects directly to you).

^^ I think this is how it works (which explains why lag is not an issue in the're connecting to eachother rather than via a specific region's server) which case, you should get to connect fine :confused:.

Sometimes I can spend half an hour trying to connect to Ninty's WiFi service, at others it works flawlessly so it might possibly be that you were simply unlucky in those few occasions.
Keep trying....hopefully it'll work at some point.

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