Mario Kart Tour - Android / iOS - 25 September


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Mario Kart eh? Never heard of it...


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Yeah don’t like it, gonna stick to MK8 Deluxe I think.

Well at least until a little later and I fancy getting stressed by the controls some more :laugh:


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The controls do take some getting used to. I went with the drift ones. It’s straighting up after a turn I struggle with at the mo :D


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Bloody stupid game, why have either Basic controls or Drift controls. Why not Basic controls and Drift as and when needed :mad:


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I am really liking it - I have never got tired of repeating the same races (like on main mode on console Mario Kart games). I am using drift and steering help off. Switching drift off is needed for some end bonus events on each tour. Also I am playing on an iPad Pro 10.5”

If you want to use specific characters and karts then that would be frustrating, doesn’t bother me.

Its like many freemium games you may hit a wall until the following day. I never pay for anything on these types.


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i installed it - but i cannot loose a race - it is too easy .... cant control speed, cant be slow.

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