Mario Kart game missing from bundle?


Merry xmas all. Please can you help?

I bought my 5yr old son a Mario Kart Wii console bundle from Tescos, hes just opened his present but there is no Mario Kart disc inside the box. Should there be a disc inside, or do I have to download it? Have Tescos ripped me off?


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Have a good look in the box and look amongst all bits and bobs as it may not be in a normal games/DVD case and could be in a cardboard sleeve.
If its no there then you'll have to go back to tesco and tell them it's missing.


Thanks for taking the time to reply on xmas day gonzo.

Ive searched through all the packaging but its not there. The product registration card is missing also, which I believe give some free Wii points?

It was the last one on the shelves at my local Tesco. My guess is that its a returned item and the previous customer has pinched the game and registration card? Its spoilt my sons Christmas and im a bit hacked off with Tescos to say the least.

Thanks again.


Managed to swap the console today, Tescos said that other customers had suffered the same problem, and that Nintendo had packaged them incorrectly.
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