Mario Kart 8 Review


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Great review, glad I bought a Wii U with Mario Kart 8 bundled in.


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Got my copy this morning.
Will defo be playing this over Watchdogs PS4 :)


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Love it! Got the Monster Hunter as a download code on registration.


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Love it! Got the Monster Hunter as a download code on registration.
I got Sonic and Mario at Winter Games,if only more companies would do freebies lol,and the game is "ace":smashin:


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Got the Wii U/MK8 bundle this weekend. It's quite a step up from the Wii and the game is brilliant! Love the anti-grav. The Mrs is hooked on it! Definitely a good buy. Just need some extra controllers for parties now.


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Mount Wario is awesome! Love the fact it's linear. But, like you say, all the new tracks are stellar. This feels by far the best Mario Kart yet. I even like most of the updates to the old tracks - but wish they'd just made more of the new ones, because they are simply sublime!



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£238.99 from graingergames :)


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Love this game. Only played a couple of times, but it's just brilliant. The Anti Grav sections are great and you find yourself desperate to get to them and use their advantages.

It looks great, plays great. It feels so good. Yes the pad is under utilised, but I found myself rarely able to look at the screen anyways.

As many reviews have said, all things considered, you'll find it very hard to go back to any other version which is about the best thing you can say about a sequel laden game.

I might add, I bought a Wii U for this. well this and other games, but held off for this as the next biggy is Zelda and Lord knows when that will appear

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