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    I am going to purchase a digital camcorder to use while snowboarding. Knowing nothing about digital camcorders, I started my quest for knowledge on the high street, visting places like Jessops and Jacobs...

    When I mentioned that I was going to use the camcorder on a snowboarding holiday, one attendant suggested that I consider a sports housing/case...

    I have since looked into it, and it seems that a sports housing, such as the Sony SPK-PC4 Sports Housing, will not offer the impact protectiont that I am looking for. Can anyone comment on the protection that such a case provides?

    Of the many people that I rang to enquire with, one person suggested that the marine cases are actually quite fragile, and if you were to drop it, it would likely smash... similarly the sports cases are weak in this respect.

    Perhaps the best solution for me would be to buy a normal case, that has padding in it, and use a snow/rain jacket if the conditions are heavy?

    Further, as the sports housings are expensive, it seems I may be better off getting some decent insurance for the camera, that way if I smash it, I am covered... does anyone have an opinion on the best way to insure a camcorder?

    Thanks for any help/suggestions/comments,


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