Marine case for other than Sony cameras?

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    I want to buy a camcorder that I can get a water housing / marine pack for. I have only found Sony to sell these as accessories.

    1) Does anyone know if and where I could get them for other brands?

    2) I would also like advise on what I should look for when selecting a camera for shooting e.g windsurfers in the water. It is just for our family holidays.

    3) Any suggestions on models that I could go for?

    I have looked at the Sony DCR-SR90 as I can buy a sportspack for it but some reviews claim it is not very good with fast moving images, which a windsurfer is. I would like to have an HDD camera.

    Thank you for your kind help!
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    Sony is the only one which seems to market their own waterproof housings, but there are companies which make other ones.

    You can get something cheap and cheerful like this

    Up to things like these which are specific to a model and have controls on the outside and can be used underwater and cost a fortune..

    When choosing a camcorder, I don't think there is anything specific to windsurfing that you need to look for - just get the best one you can afford. If you want standard definition, HDD, the SR90 is about as good as it gets (or arguably the JVC MG505). The comment about fast motion probably is referring to this being an issue for the MPEG2 compression - which all HDD cams use. But I don't see it really being a big issue.

    You may want to add a polarizing filter to help with the glare on the water.

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