March 2019 Winner - On Reflection


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Taken at Canary Wharf, the main tower reflected on another building.

Building by iWanders, on Flickr

Probably find there is also a lot of reflecting going on in the buildings as well, as all the finance people work out / plan what's going to happen next in Brexit.

Camera: iPhone X
Date / time : 15/03/2019 10:08
Exposure: 1/240 sec
F-stop: f/2.4
Focal: 6mm

Edited in the MAC photos app, cropped a bit, and applied a colour filter, and sharpened.

So many lines that it was hard to work out what was straight, in the end I tried to straighten against the 3 lines near the bottom of the photo, and also the vertical line almost in the middle of the photo that's next to the edge of the Canary Wharf tower.


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Nice one I like it.
Could be straightened up - like you say the bottom is level/vertical, but the top lines are off a bit. There are software corrections for distortion. But it's something I struggle with a lot myself so I'm not criticising.


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Thanks, think some of the issue with the lines is that I wasn't shooting this straight on, and with the building being so tall what's straight at the bottom isn't at the top.


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Any reason why not? Lovely shot overall though :smashin:

I was opposite the building with water in between. Along where I was were table and chairs, so I had to find a gap between them. I also needed to find the gap that allowed the reflection I wanted.

This is a wider angle view:

The "It's Not Valid But I'll Post It anyway" Thread

Looking at it, I maybe could have moved along a bit more, but then some of the tower would have been lost "behind" the curved building in front. I was also trying to take this quickly, as I have had an issue with security stopping me before when taking photos (though was using a DSLR at the time, and that was many years ago), so it was almost shoot and run, without really reviewing it on my screen.


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Nice shot. The trouble with this kind of image is I think our brains correct the slight misalignment from your viewpoint at the time. It’s when you get back to a computer you can see you weren’t perfectly central or the building was angled etc.
I suspect it’s one of those occasions when a tripod and slowing right down would be a real advantage but in Docklands you’ll probably end up having a dull conversation with a security guard :(

You can correct in lightroom etc sometimes automagically but tall buildings often look very weird if they’re perfectly aligned so all the windows are straight and the same size on each floor.

You can apply a transformation in GIMP ( free photoshop alternative) which would correct the angle if you’re in the mood.
I still think it’s a nice shot and we probably shouldn’t obsess about perfect verticals :thumbsup:

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