Marble Blast Ultra High Score Thread


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Cracking game on and offline - so get your total rating for the offline posted in here and see how you compare against everyone else :thumbsup:

Same format - tag, score, date...

[B][U]Gamertag              Score           Date[/U][/B]
PlexShaw            1,252,290      06/09/06
Trousers            1,116,310      05/09/06
Tufty McTavish        773,941      02/08/06
Andy83                773,421      10/09/06
HappyHammer81         633,238      03/08/06

Tufty McTavish

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Do you mean the high-score value? Mine is 773941 according to the HighScore table on the Arcade Games screen. GamerTag Tufty McTavish.

Tufty McTavish

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:eek: I'm top of a leaderboard! Bet that doesn't last long!!! :thumbsup:

'tis indeed an utterly superb game. I really hope we see more challenging (frustrating?!) games like this. I'd looovvveee some new levels.


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PlexShaw - 1,196,650 - 04/08/06


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Mine's gone up a little bit since my previous post. I'll check again and provide an update tonight.

EDIT: just checked:

PlexShaw - 1,252,290 - 06/09/06


Hey, go ahead and add mine to the list, i have 2 (1956050-with gamertag SlummyFurball) & (1958050-with gamertag SlummyFurbol) btw, if any one needs help on easter eggs or getting fast times, send me a friend request to either "SlummyFurbol" or "Passive Menis"

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