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Recently added this to my setup marantz>yamaha amp>LGoled.Got video and no audio changed cables still no audio.Went through all different settings in player amp and tv and after several hours managed to get audio.
The way I got audio was to set the deep colour setting to off in the Lgs hdmi setting:facepalm:
Why would a video setting disable the audio?
Or is it a limitation in the hdmi cable?




The UD5007 is a 1080 blu ray player so the HDMI cable I doubt is the problem. Probably a simple handshake problem, solved by turning off deep colour. You could connect the 5007 direct to the TV for video and to the receiver for audio by different HDMI, just in case there is a pass through problem with the (Yamaha?) receiver. Also make sure you have 3D turned off on the Marantz.


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The marantz has only 1 hdmi out so I cant split the video and audio.
Will try turning 3D off on the marantz if its not off already.
Dont think its the receiver as both uhd players have no problems and neither did the oppo 103 the marantz replaced.
Not a big problem just have to turn deep colour off when using the marantz after using the uhd players.

Joe Fernand

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You can run into this issues where you have an older spec HDMI Output connected to a new TV.

Unlikely to be a simple fix unless one or other manufacturer has a FW ‘fix’ you can try.

If toggling modes is a pain you could introduce an HDFury AVR key and run the Source video direct to a second Input on the TV.

If the AVR has a second HDMI Out you could try that to a non-Deep Color Input on the TV and try switching TV Inputs for that one Source.



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Thanks Joe:smashin:
Only takes about 30 secs to turn off now I know what to do:D
Mainly posted in case someone encounters the same problem with an older player and new 4k tv.

Regards Martin

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