Marantz SR9300: Dolby Digital vs PLII


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Oct 15, 2003
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I recently bought a Marantz SR9300 to replace a Denon 3803. The Marantz is a fantastic unit, particularly for music, which was the main reason for upgrading.

But one thing is bothering me. For movies and digital tv, I like to leave the surround sound setting on 'auto'. This is fine for multichannel material, such as 5.1 movie soundtracks, but 2-channel stereo material stays as 2-channel - I have to physically change the surround setting to PLII to get multichannel.

With the Denon, 'auto' automatically played 2-channel material as PLII, remembering what the previous setting was. Is there any way to get the Marantz to do the same? I hate watching DVDs or tv, having to work out whether each program is two-channel or multi-channel, and then manually adjusting the receiver.

Ideally, I would like the receiver to play multi-channel sources as multi-channel (Dolby, DTS or whatever) and play 2-channel sources as PLII, without having to manually adjust the setting each time. Is this possible with the Marantz?

This has always bugged me with my SR4200.

I know just leave it on PL2 movies (PCM) then when on sky movies 1-3 it will automatically go to DD if there.

I don't think there is anyway around it.

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