Marantz SR8001 or Denon 4306?


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I am new to AV equipment so please forgive my ignorance.

I am having difficulty between a Marantz SR8001 and a Denon 4306 AV Receiver.

I am also deciding to get a Kef 5005 speakers or maybe Monitor Audio Radius R90AV-12(as recommended in What Hifi magazine!).

I am also thinking of getting a Denon 2930 DVD player. Apparently the Denon Link is great!

I am hoping to get it for movies, and music aswell. This, will definately be a big improvement on my existing set-up of an old Sony DAV550 all in one cinema box.

Anyone other system/separates/combination suggestions will be appreciated.

I don't have a big space, I have a kichen/lounge!:rolleyes:

But I am very happy with the arrangement! But I do not want any loudspeakers just yet, as I just don't have the space. So I was thinking small, but decent-good sounds. Basically something that can offer a taste of decent sounds from CDs or ipod(Apple Lossless!).

Something that can kick ass(bass & movies!), and offer some subtlety(classic/jazz) when the mood takes me!:thumbsup: Something that is a step up from my previous system!

I am interested in the Marantz for its 4 HDMI switch, but if the Denon is better.... a retailer said the Marantz is better for the same money, better sound! So I am getting a little confused, as people seem to have different views.

Thank you for any help!:thumbsup:

I just can't wait to find my ideal system! For the next 2-3 years anyway!:D

The Spaniard

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Hi Dan,

Both have a similar spec and either will certainly do the job you want them to with ease. The best thing for you to do is try and demo them both. I would also consider the new hd dvd player from Tosh - the XE1 (even with the current problems - these will hopefully be soon resolved by software update) as opposed to the 2930 just to give you the ability to play hd discs.

Good luck.


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Hi Gary,

Thanks for your advice. I am very interested in the Toshiba, and also a seperate Blu ray, maybe the Sony one, new one or a better one. I have a PS3 already, but would like something dedicated and better.

I am interested in the Denon 2930, as I would like to get decent CD sounds as well. Or may go for a seperate CD player instead.

In regards to Amps, I now have Denon 4306, Marantz SR8001 and the Sony 5200ES.

They all seem good, and no amp has everything. I don't care who wins the HD war, I just think that both can survive together. If they release more titles for both HD and BD at the same time, then there should be no problems.

Anyway, thats another subject.

I called Sevenoaks(spelling!) today, and chatted with one of the staff, spoke for over 20 minutes, as I couldn't get time off work for lunch, but hopefully I will have more time for lunch tomorrow, then I will visit.

Anyhows, gotta keep reading......:thumbsup:


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Hi Dan,

If you want to take advantage of the denon link on the 2930 then you would need to buy the denon 4306 as this is the only way to take advantage of it.

Personally speaking I do find that denon link does make quite a lot of difference and just adds that bit extra to both stereo and multi channel sound.

Get yourself a demo its the only way to make sure you get what you want.



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Went to SevenOaks, only shop near me, in London!

Wasn't told that a reservation had to be made. So booked an appointment for tomorrow morning, to listen to lots of amps and speakers.:D

Hope it all goes well.

Thanks all. Denon Link does look tempting!



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3805 and 3806 have DL too, no need to go up to 4306 just for DL...


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I went to Sevenoaks today! spent 2 hours there!:D

I have decided, because of the size of my room, sory to say, I am going to go for a Panasonic VSX-AX4ASi-S(About £800.00, RRP £999.99).

Reason: Well, it sounded good, same as the denon 2807 or maybe a little better. It has bags of power, is agile in music and movies.

And I feel its a bargain, as it can do all the things I need, i.e. decent sound, good specs, 4 x HDMI(which I really need!), and I just like the sound coming from it basically.

I am now also, going for some Monitor Audio Radius range, but the front 2 speakers are twer speakers. All in Piano Black. Originally was going to go for some DB1+ set of surrounds + REL/Velodyne as a subwoofer. Butthis will cost me £2000.00+. The Monitor audio would cost me £1400.00. Mmmmm £400l.00 difference!

For Amp, I was really hoping to go for either an Arcam or Denon or Marantz or even a Sony STR-DA5200ES.

But I don't know what happen, I just really liked the sound from the Panasonic. System total will be about £2300.00 £300 more than just the DB1+ speakers. They must sound amazing!!!:thumbsup:

Well, this is the set up I am going for in the next few weeks. My room is not so big, and any bigger/more expensive AMP will probably be an overkill in my room/set up.

Maybe next round of Audio Shopping.

What do you guys think? Is this set up good for a begginner? With a small to medium size lounge/kitchen/dining room?(3 zones in one!:D)

I have to say that the sound was pretty good, but I didn't listened with the front tower speakers, just the satellite speakers, but the stereo was amazing for me! So the towers should provide ample music prowess I hope!

Thanks all.:thumbsup:


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I have decided, because of the size of my room, sory to say, I am going to go for a Panasonic VSX-AX4ASi-S(About £800.00, RRP £999.99).

Presuming you misspelled Pioneer :devil: and as you are using the HDMI sockets, take a read through this thread before you dive in if you intend to feed a Blu-ray or HD-DVD player to it

Also as someone else in a fairly small room and also a recent owner of a Pioneer amp which at first I too prefered sound wise over Denon, Onkyo and a few others I found what made it stand out I grew tired of after a month or two as the sound is a bit brighter than others but this started to sound a little harsh to me after a while especially at higher volumes and have now just gone back to a Denon one.... which doesnt have problems with the LFE level via HDMI with a PCM signal fed to it(blu-ray and hd-dvd).... this is the other reason I changed to it

Having said that everyones room is different as I have heard the same Pioneer amp in another setup in a different room obviously and although still a bright sound it did sound a lot better than in my room


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Hi Gam,

I am now kind of back to square one! I have read your thread you mentioned(Thank you very much!:thumbsup: ), and yes it will affect my choice of the Pioneer, as I will be using ps3, sky hd and DVD upscaled, and SACD.

Just need to know if I should wait for the new Denon and Pioneer, or go for the current Marantz SR8001 model. Or see if the fix will get rid of the bugs in the current Pioneer range.

I really want to have atleast 4 HDMI as I know I will want more devices in the future. And want decent future proofing technologies.

Maybe the wait will be good overall! Will now wait for another 5 weeks before deciding now.

Have a nice weekend.


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No its still not too late for me.....:thumbsup: I don't mind waiting for good things!:D

The specs look quite good! 4 HDMI aswell. I am still making choices and don't think I will rush in too quick!

I realised this is my first seperates system, and know I'll be having this system for a few years at least! So would like to make an informed and well made decision.

But I don't mind making mistakes at the researching stages...... I think in summer most Amps will be quite advance or much more future proof than previous models. So I will wait see which ones are good at their jobs!:D

Then try them out if I can. ButI will still be listening to amps when I get the time.

Thanks again MIB.:thumbsup:


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I'd be interested to know what people think when this is released.

I bought a s/h 3803 and it was a big improvement over Marantz and an Arcam 250 I had before.

I've stuck with good old component and standard def sources until it all settles down but once I buy HD DVD or Bluray think I may be in the market for one of these babies:smashin:


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I think, when you do go for a new amp, and when the dust has settled on the HD war(???-they could co-exist! Why hasn't anyone thought of that!!!:smashin: ) and they standardised the HD sound formats out properly.

You could be looking at the 2008 models.... I'm guessing 3809!:D

With all the new enhancements, and any small nuisances sorted out, that may have appeared with the new HD sound standards!

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