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Jul 19, 2003
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I've been looking for a new AV Receiver and noticed avland are doing a really good deal on the Marantz SR7400.

Does anybody own one and if so, what are your comments on how good / bad it is?

I asked a guy who baught one and this is what he said:

Yea, it is really good - took a bit of time to set it up as I was used to a Yammy before and the setup routines are a bit different. It hadn't been run in and it sounded fantastic. The directional effects are crisp and sharp - I realised my old Yammy added all sorts of effects in - with the Marantz what you hear is what was encoded on the disc - no jiggery pokery (unless you want it). Stereo sound is excellent - really good control. The remote is good - not the most intutitive but it is programmable. The best bit is the multi room/multi speaker setup - great when the missus wants to listen to RnB in the kitchen and I want to listen to the Darkness in the lounge! The only problem with it is that is generates loads of heat when running - I have had to raise any other equipment above and install a PC fan just in case. Go an audition one if you get the chance. Highly recommended.

I want one too :D
Its the best price I have seen on Avland as it includes postage & packing.
I bought a Marantz SR7400 a couple of weeks ago. Here's may impressions so far:

- Excellent build quality & fit and finish
- Good features - I think its the first sub-£1000 receiver to offer DPLIIx.
- Good pre-amp section but not as transparent as the pre-amp section on the stereo NAD C370 (but you wouldn't expect it to be...)
- Excellent power-amp section for stereo listening. In fact, I would say that the power amp section is very close to that on the NAD C370. Lots of control & power considering the cost.

I can't really comment on the multi-channel aspect of it as I haven't got round to putting my multi-channel speaker system together yet. :blush:

The remote is good but it isn't a patch on a good universal remote such as a Pronto

I bought the receiver without auditioning & haven't regretted it at all. Marantz make some very good AV receivers but these seem to get over-shadowed by the likes of Denon & Pioneer.
Thanks for all your comments. Much appreciated. I also think the Marantz Receivers are overlooked. I phoned Marantz UK and spoke with Neil, who is the product director. He informed me that he currently has the SR7400. He explained all the features and was extremely helpful. I mentioned about the DTS neo:6 new feature and he said that would be included shortly with a firmware upgrade via the RS232c port. I mentioned about THX and he replied that the SR7400 does actually do THX but uses Marantz's own algorithms. He said that the licencing for THX was going to take the receiver well over cost.

The bottomline, I've just ordered one from AVLAND today. Looking forward to testing it out, when it arrives.

:p :p :p :p
Fantastic. The more I hear about it the more I want one. If you have any comments to add over the Seer's It would be appreciated.
The unit should be with me by Wednesday next week. They have had to order it from Marantz. I will post all my findings then.


I spoke with Neil the technical director at Marantz UK and he explained that the unit that was released to the US did have the issues that are highlighted in the forum. The UK model has had all these fixed. It seems that they release a product in the US first. Iron the bugs out and then release it in Europe. The unit has a 24months warranty. He does have the SR7400 and stated that the first release he had did have the issues but the new release that has been fixed doesn't.

Here's hoping it is OK. If not I shall be straight on that phone!

Glad to hear it. I like Marantz stuff and was surprised. One has to ask why they would do such a thing to the nice people over in the States. I don't trust the stuff made in China despite what they say about quality control, the 8300/9300 is made in Japan. Why can't they go back to Japanese manufacturer - much more reliable.

I have a cd7300 and it's great. I am torn between 5400 ose and H/K stuff. I just don't need the 8 speakers for the 7400. Mine you if they brought out an OSE version I might be tempted.

Let us know how hot it gets. I don't believe it has a fan.
I read the thread over at AVSFORUM. Interesting comments.

I've checked my SR7400 and there are definitely NO drop-outs when using digital audio inputs - either optical or co-axial.

The unit does run fairly warm, but not alarmingly so - in fact it isn't that much hotter than a Sony SACD player I have, and this has been utterly reliable for the past two years. I'm certainly not concerned about the heat and I am sure it isn't going to burst into flames....

Still convinced that this thing is a bit of a bargain at appx £500.
Especially with the RS232 upgrade path :D
I bought an SR7400 a couple of months ago. Two friends were pushing their own preferences (one Denon, one Onkyo), so I tested all 3 against each other. The Onkyo was light on the bass, the Denon was muddy, the Marantz blew me away. I put it up against a NAD stereo amp (source direct), and was still impressed. Finally I tested the 7400 against a 5400, just to see if was worth the extra lolly.

After 2 months, I have NO regrets. I don't use all the features & functions (yet), but I'm sure this amp will meet my needs for a long time to come. HIGHLY recommended.
Some interesting details on Marantz:

Marantz was founded in 1952 by Mr. Saul B. Marantz in New York, USA. In 2002, the worldwide operations of Marantz and Denon were merged into a joint holding company, D&M Holdings Inc. Marantz still maintains its autonomy in brand, product creation, sales and marketing worldwide.
Well, based on the recomendations here, I've gone and ordered a SR7400.

Sold my SR4300 within an hour of putting it up for sale, but thankfully, do not have to hand it over till my new SR7400 arrives.

Been told by AV Land that I should get it by early next week, they are hoping to get some more in by Friday. A friend on another forum did comment that he didn't hear much difference between the SR4300 and the SR7400, but then again, others say very different.

Overall, I'm really looking forward to it. I would have loved to have gone for a Denon 3805, but that beast costs twice the amount of the 7400!!

Let me know how your purchase works out wackyraces, cheers.
I've just taken delivery of the new receiver. I can confirm that it is the fixed version. It came in 2 boxes. Just setting it up. I will report later on progress and thoughts about the unit.
Hi wackyraces,

I'm intrigued to hear that you received it in two boxes ??!! :eek:

What did the two boxes contain? Mine was shipped in the one box.............:(
Sorry, I didn't explain very well. It's a box and inside is another box, which contains the unit. Basically it's double boxed. Box within a box. I was told by Marantz that if it arrived like that, then it is the version that has all the fixes applied. So no dropouts or overheating.

I'm just getting to grips with the unit now. I do like the SRS Circle Surround for music. Fanatastic clarity and presence when using SRS.
How are audio delays and how hot does it get? Some temptation for me here. I wonder if this is better than the 5400ose?
I would hope so and it has the extra channel if you want a 7 speaker setup with no need to buy another amp/mono blocks
Hi Wackyraces, any updates yet mate?
Well, after a number of hours playing around with the various features and settings on the SR7400, I can safely say that it was an excellent buy. The unit is quite straight forward to setup. A good OSD with many options for the various sound modes. The speaker setup allows you to enter the various distances and also you can change the db on various channels to get the correct balance. The setup allows for a 6.1 or 7.1 setup. I only have it setup for 6.1. I don't have enough room for more speakers! The tonal qualities are a good balance when listening to music or watching DVD's. I do like the SRS mode for listening to music. The sound field is excellent. The various DVD's I tried, I found the sound to be excellent through DD EX and DTS ES. I have used the upconversion component yet but I will get round to it.

The unit doesn't get particularly hot and I've found no sound dropouts. The build quality is very good even if it is made in China.

Overall a great purchase and excellent value for money.
Originally posted by wackyraces

The build quality is very good even if it is made in China.

What does it say on the back? On the one in the Brochure it says Made in Japan.
Got confirmation that the amp is on its way.

City Link picked it up today, so hopefully it will be with me tomorrow, but with City Link, who knows!

Looking forward to it.

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