Marantz SR7400 and Marantz PM7200 compatibility?


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I'm thinking of a Marantz PM7200 KI Signature at the moment.

But, I want to keep the Mordaunt Short 914s in the movie set up as well.

How would this work? I'm assuming I can hook the 914s directly to the PM7200, then feed the two front channel preouts from the SR7400 to one pair of the inputs on the 7200, and the CD player connected directly to the 7200.

Now, my concern here is that the Marantz remote will switch both amps on when you only want the one amp on during stereo music, which means a manual switch on (no real biggie I guess). The other concern I have is over volume, and how the two amps will co-exist when watching movies and changing volume for the movie. IE, would I have to adjust the volume control on the PM7200 seperately from the volume control on the SR7400 :suicide: :rolleyes: ?

I'm confused :confused:, and do not want to have to sepearate the 914's from the movie aspect at all, as they are great for both music and movies, and if I buy any more speakers the wife will kill me LOL!

Does anybody have the combo I have mentioned above, or is there another amp in the same price range as the PM7200 KI Signature that I should be looking at?


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Thought as much, how does the standard PM7200 compare in class A mode?

I have seen the PM7200 for £226 at unbeatable, and it is in stock!!

Now need the other questions answered before buying, and I guess I need to listen to the amp alongside the SR7400 and see if I can hear any improvement.


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I have an SR4200 with a PM7200 and CD6000 OSE LE. (with b&w 602s etc...

It works just fine connected the way you mention - I use processor in from the pre outs on sr4200.

The difference it makes to multichannel will be immediately noticable and really improves films more than I would have thought. The problem with the remote operating both is true also unfortunately so you just need to set the volume of the pm7200 to 12 o'clock then cover the remote sensor then calibrate the srxxxx volume levels. (I spoke to marantz and they suggested a bit of velcro! which apparently a lot of people in this situation use) When you want to listen to music just remove it and use the pm7200 as normal.

Be aware that having the volume at 12 o'clock (especially in AB mode on the pm7200 will be pretty loud so remember to move it back for music! :)

I would say the two you suggest would make a great combination and match well - the difference in quality for music is pretty huge as well. Much more detailed and powerful.


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Personally I though A Class mode made zip difference (yes you switch off first). I think it pretty well understood that even a 'cheap' amp will beat many av amps around (£600). Don't ask me why - just is. I heard the 7200 and the 5400 ose. The 7200 was bags better to my ears.


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I notice a difference with Class A - AB for sure. Very much depends on whats being listened to, but it will make certain music - especially vocal heavy stuff sound more velvety for lack of a better, less gay word.

I love my setup up for music now - the 6000 matches with the pm7200 really well. I was concerned it may be a bit bright but its just warm. Was going to get a 5400 OSE but then managed to get a brand new 6000 OSE LE for 135 (in gold too) - bargain! :)

Its nice having cymbals sounding like cymbals now - not so splashy plus the timing over the AV amp is greatly improved. Lots more bass as well.

Not had a chance to REALLY crank up the amp yet but it is pretty obvious it has a lot of balls.


I'am looking to get the 5400 OSE :clap:
Where is the best place for price to get from :smashin:

Or what would be better for Movies :confused:


Ed Selley

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The 7400 is better for films as the OSE improvements seem concentrated on the musicality of the unit- it doesn't seem to be radically better with films. Besides the 7400 is no slouch musically anyway.


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I was disappointed in the 5400 ose. Like a luxury chair for music. Low volumes give no detail. Where is the treble? Perhaps I've recognised the weakness in the Marantz sound. Just too warm. Where is the detail. Any amp gives detail if you crank the volume up enough; this is not the answer. Can't believe the 7400 can be much worse for music so would go for this for the added volume.

rant, rant, rant.

Think some people need to go listen to a live concert to hear what a cymbal should sound like. More treble is what is needed.


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Never said that. Movies are fine. Perfectly good. But if you're buying it for movies you mights as well buy the 5400 - it's cheaper. Me, I'm not in this for the quality of explosions.

God knows what these people do to make them sound so bad compared to stereo amps (eg 7200ki).


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Originally posted by Kazman
I guess I need to listen to the amp alongside the SR7400 and see if I can hear any improvement.

I know it's me again:D

If you have a listen to the two amps (PM & SR) together do let me know what you think, Not bothered about low volume that does not happen in my house, I am not sure how best to upgrade my amp to get better stereo, but I know I do not want to be messing around with volume dials etc, if I do not think i can get decent stereo from an integrated & my monoblocks I will stick with what I have for a year (at least) and go down the processor power amp route.


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I seriously suggest you start looking at Harman Kardon. The only avs I've found that sound just as good in direct mode as with tones (always find I have to pump up the treble to get detail). I am coming around to this amps day by day.

As far as the 5400ose is concerned I think Marantz have lost the plot.


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Don’t like the look of the current Harmon amps unfortunately, I will have a look at the newer ones and have a chat with some friends about the cost;) , I do like the Marantz sound though and as I said I don’t listen at low volumes, my speakers don’t sound very good on tickover. :D


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I agree, I don't like the look either, but you're not buying it for the looks (put it somewhere you can't see). After hearing a few different ones now (hk4550,5550,AX3/2011/3803/5400/7200) the only receivers to come close to giving good stereo are HK - the detail is superb. I think the high current will also help 603s. I also like the idea of tone controls and the remote is backlit and solid looking. But go have a listen. Must admit I was surprised.


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Probably going to bite my lip and listen to the wife :nono: keep the 5300 for a year:rolleyes: , may be able to save up enough for a decent processor and amp, Rotel 1068 + ?, Arcam AVR300 + P80, or a Marantz PS-17 + couple more MA6100's, I still don’t fancy separates but stereo is important so I may consider something with a fixed AV input Arcam A80+P80 or similar, that way at least I can split the systems in a few years when I change our back room from the kids play area into my stereo room (now I think I am really dreaming:laugh: ).


there is another option, but that is more for situations where the stereo amp and AV amp don't match each other well atall:

QED makes a pretty decent switch for 1 pair of speakers connecting to 2 amplifiers. So listening in stereo means switching the switch over to the stereo amp, and if you want full home theatre you switch over and the AV amp drives all speakers.

I used one for a while a few years back, since there was a huge difference in tone between my Yamaha AV amp and my Myryad stereo amp. The resulting differences in sound quality were simply too great and I didn't get a sound field across all channels via the method mentioned above to use preouts on the AV amp to control the stereo amp.

There is also surprisingly little quality loss in pure stereo despite the switchbox and extra speaker cables.

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