Marantz SR7400. A good upgrade from a Denon 3801?


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I have been looking for a couple of months to see if there is a suitably priced replacement for my trust Denon 3801. I initially was looking at the Pioneer 2011 but as these are pretty much unavailable new, I am faced with the £850ish AX5 which is out of my upgrade budget or the AX3 which, with no component switching has been quickly crossed off my list.

My Denon is at present driving the Mirage AVS 7.1 Sat/Sub package which I am still completely happy with. My main sources are a Sony DVP-930 and HTPC, along with various games consoles...

I have not really been following the Marantz SR7400 posts over the last few months but certainly from what I have read it looks to be a great piece of kit with a superb feature set for the price.

I realise there are many new features with a 2004 AV Amp and the Marantz seems to have plenty of these to dazzle me but what I am really interested in is the pure 5.1/6.1 & DD/DTS performance of the 7400. I don't want to take a step back in pure movie performance but if I am likely to hear equal or better things, then that coupled with the new features makes this an interesting option.

Your thoughts would be most welcome. Thanks for looking :)


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I don't think it's worth it, particulary if you are just using it with a sat/sub package. If you had more demanding speakers I'd say the logical route is to add a power amp rather than change the receiver.

Just my opinion, sorry if it's not what you wanted to hear.


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I can see where you're coming from with the power amp option and as I am more than happy with my Mirage's I appreciate I won't get a huge increase in sound quality simply by buying (any) new amp but...

If I purchase a new amp such as the 7400 I will be getting features and technology that are 3 years newer. With my current setup, is the sound likely to be comparable with the 3801 or better/worse? There are many features on the 7400 that I like but there is no point changing if (in pure DD/DTS performance) it is likely to sound worse.

I know a home demo would be the best option but there are no dealers with any stock near by...


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The 7400 is at the same level as your 3801, just newer, you may like it more or less, it's a personal thing. What new features are important to you?

My Pioneer can do just about every format there is, do I ever use them? Not really. Stereo for music, DD and DTS for DVD, that's about it. DPL2 gets used for TV sometimes, the ocassional use of 6 channel input for DVD-A but i just feel that you would get much more for your money if you put it elsewhere. I never could understand people switching receivers in the same price bracket. Going from budget, say a Marantz 4300 to a 7400 then to a Pioneer AX10i or something, yeah I could understand.

BTW I found my 2011 to be better than the Marantz 7300 I had for a month. If you must go the new reciever route have another look into picking one up ex-demo or 2nd hand, they shouldn't be that hard to find for under £500.


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Originally posted by Daneel
If you must go the new reciever route have another look into picking one up ex-demo or 2nd hand, they shouldn't be that hard to find for under £500.

Yeah right!!:lesson:

Cheapest ex demo is £599 and second hand??? Good luck :rotfl: People like these and keep em . I know i would . Worth a try putting a wanted in the classified forums.


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Strange. I've seen 3 or 4 2011s sold on the forums (not just these ones) or bought ex-demo in the past couple of weeks. The sub £500 figure was for 2nd hand, I should have been clearer.


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The SR7400 is a very good amp, no complaints with it.

You could consider an RXV1400 too, dfour got one at a blinding price :)

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