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My set up is:
Computer with Geforce GTX 1050Ti. video/sound card.
Marantz AV Surround Amplifier SR7015 with updated software.
Epson EH-TW9400W 4K projector connected with 12.metres of fibre optic cable.
When closing a 4K file, I completely lose connection to the projector and the screen goes black
with a waning on the screen "no signal". To recover I have to re-boot the amplifier.
The amplifier has thus failed to send the necessary signal to the projector.
When closing a 1080p file, the screen goes black for about 5. seconds and then the computer desktop
re-appears and we are back to normal.
For some reason the amplifier does not like the closing of the 4K file and loses contact with the projector.
I am told that this does not happen with the previous Marantz 7000 series amplifier.

When I remove the amplifier from the chain by connecting the computer directly to the projector with the
same lead and I close the 4K file, the desktop appears immediately without any loss in connection to
the projector. There is obviously a problem with the amplifier.

What is the projector doing to the video data to cause a delay when a video file is closed even
when I disable all that I can in the video options. Why is the amplifier processing the video signal
causing a delay in recovery of the video information.

I have tried many options, including hard re-set of the amplifier to facory setting and updating softwars.
I have tried different connections to the projector and have what I believe to be a very good connection
as it performs through the amplifier even for 4K/60Hz files although the picture is very jumpy when moving
the mouse for the latter files.

When by passing the amplifier the 4K/60Hz plays perfectly with no picture delay or no interference from the

Is this a software error or is this an error with my amplifier.


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I'm interested in your problem as I have just purchased a SR 7015 which is replacing my Marantz AV8003 Pre- AMP and a Parasound Power Amp, these were connected to my home built Blu-Ray HTPC connected to a JVC Projector and drop down screen... when using the old system I experienced a similar problem as your having and I found it was to do with the 'PowerDVD' software shutting down the pc once a Blu-Ray film finished, but I can't remember exactly how I cured it. It might have been due to the fact that I also run a 12" monitor to the PC VGA which I use as a 'second image' as the projector screen is some fifteen feet away from the system control

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