Marantz Sr7013 Quality issues

Johnny C

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Hi every body my first post,
so be gentle with the replies. My first AVR was a pioneer Av2021, I did not realise how good it was until I moved to a Sony Stn 1080, simply because of the six of the pioneer,. I then moved to a to another AVR, i cant recall the name of it but it blew a power supply lucky enough Richer sound fixed it but that had no oomph. A year ago i bought a Marantz Sr 7013 expecting a lot but this still has no oomph and to get any bangs and noised out of it , the volume has to be wound up to 85 percent of its total . only after 6 month it blew the HDMI card and I had again luckly it was under warrenty and its fixed.

Two questions.
1I am thinking of get teh Arcam 10 what is that like and I get a big noise for the big bucks.
2 I am thinking of selling my marantaz on Ebay. what would you thinks it worth.

I am using a linn set up for all my speakers and these are what I have been using all along. I use as my definitive test audio, the second disc in the band of bother series , where they jump out of the plane.

Any ideas should my Marantz have a lot of ommph or or not and Is the arcam 10 worth the upgrade.

take care and thanks

John C


What speakers are you driving? How big is your room? Do you have subwoofers? Need a bit more information that you feel the amps are underpowered as there must be a reason for that.

Johnny C

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Hi Gibbsy, many thanks for your prompt reply. I am using a linn set up at 7.1, a Linn center speaker Two Linn front speakers, 2 x linn instead of the ceiling and as rears two monitor audios. I have a Rel q 150 E..
I have been gthrough all the settings and cant find anything wrong. My Blur ray play is a panosonic mid range. This is the set up I have used for years and it worked on with the Pioneer and I use to have many years ago a tag amps with a yamaha processor and it rocked the house. The Marantz just doesnt seem to have any guts. Today in Richer sounds , I was informed that pioneers are know for their output but te SR 7013 was a lot so money and I just expected more. Any ideas. John C
BNTW its a very small room , a garage conversion.


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You shouldn't need that much power to attain reference within the space you have. Much louder than this and you will damage your hearing. If you've been listening at inordinately loud levels then you may have in fact alrerady damaged it, hence why you now aren't able to actually perceive the volume?

Both AV receivers will have attained the exact same reference post calibration. It may simply be a matter of you prefering the signature sound associated with Pioneer audio equipment? The Pioneer sound is often said to be on the clinical side of things while the Marantz signature sound would be warmer in nature. Are you experiencing distortion while using the Marantz?

I'd suggest the speakers you have anfd the space they are in wouldn't need the full power available from either your Pioneer of the Marantz in order to attain reference or volume levels devoid of distortion in the space you are using them.

If wanting added headroom security then maybe consider using external amplification and engaging the AV receiver as a processor? You don't really need more power though, not in such a small space and if in close proximity to the speakers.
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In that space the Marantz should be more than enough to fill the room. You have the volume scale on the absolute measurement, you would be better off using the dB scale as this will give a more accurate reading to what volume you are actually listening at.


Set the MAIN ZONE (room where the unit is located) volume setting.


Set how volume is displayed.
0 - 98
Display in the range 0 (Min) to 98.
-79.5 dB - 18.0 dB:Display ---dB (Min), in the range –79.5 dB to 18.0 dB.


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Also worth checking that Loudness Management in the Surround Parameters menu is Off. By default it's On/Auto for Dolby signals.

Johnny C

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Just give you an update on the AVR, I went to use this AVR and try out all your welcome suggestions and found there was no output from the HMDI. This is now the second time that the HDMI card has blown. or somthing I am not aware of. Luckly I still have a warraty on the unit. I have asked sevenoaks if they will upgrade me to a bigger model, which I doubht but I will be changing models some how dending how much I can get for my repaired unit.. I thought Marantaz was a quality unit, cleary this is not the case.

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