Marantz SR7013 fault , do I trade it in ?


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My Marantz SR7013 has suddenly developed a fault , front left & right channels have stopped working and also the front atmos channels , Marantz advised that I did two different hard resets that hasn’t solved the problem so I was then told to contact the place that I purchased it from , apparently it will take weeks to get repaired under warranty and will leave me stuck without the heart of my system that we use daily, I have asked the dealer if I could trade my 18 month old 7013 in for the new 7015 and obviously get the new amp a lot quicker, they have offered me £600 trade in , it cost me £1300 18 months ago and the 7015 is £1500 .
Does anyone know if the 7015 is that much better than the 7013 and worth taking the hit to trade it in or should I wait for my 7013 to be repaired or even go Yamaha or something else ?

thanks .


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The SR7015 is much the same AVR as your current model apart from the 7015 being equipped with HDMI version 2.1. You'd not really experience much or any audible audio improvements. The differences are more in regards to new features.

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