Marantz SR7010 randomly turns off and on


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I have a 4 year old Marantz SR7010 which I love to bits, but also am having some issues with.
I'm hoping anyone can point me into the right direction to get this problem fixed.

This problems exists from time to time. It's there a couple of times a day, and sometimes it's non-existent for months (like the past 3 months or so).
When the receiver is turned on it randomly turns off and back on again.
This happens when I'm using the Spotify Connect client, but also when I'm using my Nvidia Shield to watch a movie.

Please see the following video for an example when I was playing music with Spotify Connect last night and where it just turned off and on again by itself.

My wife starts singing right before it stops, so maybe it's sensitive to that :p /jk

I've tried going into the diagnostics menu to check on the protection history, but when I select that menu item it will turn off and on again as well (every time again).

It is possible this is caused by protection in some way but I would assume it would go into protection mode at some point and not just turn off and on.


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Protecion mode is always indicated by flashing red standby light. You might have an issue with power supply. Take a look at this thread.


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I need help and assistance. My Marantz 7010, which is controled by a Harmony 900, started acting up and the remote freezes up and the Marantz will not control the volume either via the Harmony 900 or manually on the Marantz unit itself or the Marantz remote either...
The only way it will work is if I pull the power cord and perform a "Power Cycle"; it its frustrating.
I have talked to both Logitech and Marantz, Logitech says its not the Harmony 900 because its a clone of the Marantz remote and only the volume control is affected and Marantz blames Logitech. I'm being sold a bill of goods here. Has anyone experienced anything like this and if so..any suggestions?

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