Marantz SR7010 Bi-Amping Question


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Does anyone know when using the Marantz SR7010 in 5.1-channel playback (bi-amp connection of front speakers: MAIN ZONE) amp assign mode the RCA pre-out for the surround backs L/R (which is where the bi-amp feed comes out of) also "flips" so that it too feeds out a front L/R signal (as opposed to surround back L/R signal)?

I want to send this signal (as a front L/R one) to my power amp (in addition to the "normal" front L/R) as opposed to splitting the signal via the single RCA out.



I have a problem in almost the same subject
what adjustment to make to enable the pre-out output following
Surround Back or Front Wide or Height height 1 or 2
I tried several adjustment but I still do not receive the signal in these exact outputs


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I spoke to the UK distro this morning and the preouts remain fixed as SBL/R (it's just the speaker outs that change) so the only option is to use an RCA splitter.


i tried and not work
i change assign to
7.1 biamp , 5.1 biamp , 9.1 , 11.1
for this i need help whats exactly option active this out directly my receiver its new and its the first time i use this pre out with my amplifier
Thank you

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