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Marantz SR7005 aith Oppo105Anybody using a oppo 105 with their 7005. If so please sha


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Anybody using a oppo 105 with their 7005. If so please share what is the optimal hook up. I'm trying to use the DAC in the Oppo for CD's,( 2 channel ,2.1) Squeezbox touch(hooked into the oppo also 2.0,2.1), Apple TV ( also hooked into the Oppo, 5.1). I'd like to use the 7005 for processing DVD/3D/Blu Ray for 5.1 audio can this be done? Would I have to input the oppo into the multi channel blue ray via RCA L/R/C, L/R surrounds and sub then using Pure direct for 2.0 audio? What about 2.1 audio? Thanks in advance.

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