Marantz SR7001 (AVR) and NAD T955?


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What do you all think of this pairing?

I have a marantz SR7001. Its in good working order, but I was thinking about slowly switching over to seperates. I only have a 5.1 setup.

My plan:

Buy the NAD T955 Amp. today Connect it to the SR7001 for now..

Down the road, purchase a new pre/pro.

Then if i upgrade to 7.1 buy a really nice 2 channel amp. (Probably NAD.) Use the T955 for the surrounds.

What do you all think?

Would the difference in the external amp vs. internals be significant?


My setup,
Mains Klipsch KF-28
Surrounds Klipsch SF-1
Center Klipsch SC-1
Sub Klipsch KSW-12


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So I hooked the NAD up today, and honestly, it sounds suprisingly better. I was planning on taking it back, I just wanted to try it out. But some of the shrillness of the Marantz has been balanced out. It seems to have a little more punch, but overall a better balance, than what was coming out of the Marantz alone.

It also sounded a little crisper in the low/high swings..

To test this, I hooked the left speaker up to the marantz, and the right speaker up to the NAD. I played a few tracks that I was familiar with and switched between the two. This was really quite suprising...

Plus it looks really cool sitting next to everything... Haha.

I will write up a more thorough review after I break it in a bit longer.


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Next you'll be wanting the T187 :)
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