Marantz SR6300: how deep?

Gordon A

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Has anyone got one of these and can tell me what the actual depth is? Have found different figures on various web sites ranging from 400mm to 484mm (the latter being from the Marantz site). It's just that 484mm does seem a bit on the large side!


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Assuming it's the same is the sr6200 (most likely), then from front to back, including Binding Posts is about 402mm. Be aware though that if connecting with Banana Plugs, the will add another 3cm or so to the required space. On mine, with QED Airloc Banana's, the total size from front to back is 435mm.


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marantz receivers are huge, not at home so can't measure my 5300 at the mo... but they are deep.


has anyone demo`d the sr4300 as i am considering purchasing, but can`t find any info or reviews on it.
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