Marantz SR6014 or SR7013


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Hello! :)

This is my first post, in advance I want to say thank you for your time and patience with this newcomer.
A couple a months ago I got a PS5 and OLED TV LG C9 as you might guess I was looking forward to upgrade my audio gear.

For 23 years I've been using a Kenwood UD505 Dolby Surround Pro Logic 5.1 mini-stereo system. Recently paired with a Sound Blaster Creative X G6 DAC/Amp that takes SPDIF dolby digital and upmixed to a right 5.1 mix that my old stereo process pretty well. However, is time for an update/upgrade. By doing my research keep appearing with really good and valuable info, that's how I end up here.

I brought a Klipsch Reference Theater Pack 5.1 System from Costco, I want to build my first home theater little by little. I also managed to get an Klipsch 12W Subwoofer on sale $300 where in Mexico the MSRP is about $650. Audio gear in general is very expensive in my country about 1.85 x or more compared to US. :(

I'm about to get the brains for my home theater. I'm aware about HDMI 2.1 issues with last year AV Receivers, I'm not interested on 8K either so I though on getting a full reliable HDMI 2.0b receiver meanwhile and wait until next year when HDMI 2.1 is mature.

Currently this are my options, available in my country:

Marantz SR6014 ($2590) uff I know... SR8015 is about 8000... yeah...
Marantz SR7013 ($2540)

I want to have surround mix for streaming services (Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video)what I have read here, HDMI eARC is a must. Both AVR's offers eARC should I go for the newer-lower model or SR7013 is a better solution.

Another option is the Yamaha Advantage A3080 ($2590), one of the biggest suggestions I learn from this forum is how convenient is to have a AVR with pre-outs and two independent SW inputs if you want to make it grow.

I know all these receivers are kind of overkill for my speakers but is a work in progress. Getting a 5.2.2 dolby atmos looking towards 5.2.4 dolby atmos for a small room (16 ft x 12 ft).

Finally, I got another offer the budget one: Sony STR-AZ1100ES for $1000 (STR-DN1080 is about $1200). I'm aware this one has less features and t here is no way to make it grow, but it might work, while waiting for the next year AVR's with a reliable PS5 VRR support, even though for gaming I prefer use my audiiophile headphones and a THX DAC/Amp I want to build this HT for watching movies and streaming media mainly.

So, I would like to know what you guys recommend/suggest. Should I go with the Marantz? which one?
Should I settle with Sony?
that is best match for my current budget speakers.

I can get a Denon AVR-3700H ($1778) or bite the bullet and get a 2020 Marantz model but all the HDMI issues makes me think twice and to get any of 2020 models I have to pay even more and there is no way to get warranty over import goods because they are not available with current suppliers.

Anyways, thanks for your time... looking forward for your input.

- Greg


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Greg, Have you made your purchase yet? I would suggest you look at World Wide Stereo on Ebay for the Marantz SR7013. I just pick one up and I am thoroughly impressed with it. I am running my Klipsch Reference Premiere 9.2 speaker set off of it and it performs so much better then my previous Pioneer Elite VSX LX303. My next goal is external amps for at least my front 3 speakers.

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