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Marantz SR6010 pairing with power amps, possible Audiolab M or MB?


Novice Member
I am in the process of rebuilding my system. I had pulled the trigger on a Marantz 6010 to replace a Denon AVR1911 - and was adding a pair of Pro-Ject mono blocks to drive my Tannoy DCT6e SE for two-channel stereo. (I have 7.1 for cinema - with Monitor Audio Bronze centre and surrounds/sub).

The deal came unstuck when the Pro-ject Mono Blocks (£700 for 2) weren't in before Christmas - so am back to the drawing board and looking afresh for a advice on the mono-block pairing - the dealer had me sold on this being a good match in spec and price.

However I have spent a lot of time tonight looking at the Audiolab power amps - in particular the 8200M x2 or going further and getting the 8200 MB x2 for future proofing - there are demo deals to be had at £1000 and £1500 respectively at the moment.

My strategy and I don't know if it's a sound one so please feel free to advise is to buy the best Mono-Blocks now - in the knowledge that the AV amp and speakers can be upgraded in the future. But obviously, it has to all sing now - otherwise a waste of time and money.

The listening/viewing room is large (25ft long x 15ft ceilings). The attraction of the MB's is running RCA and putting the power amps at the base of the speakers. Shorter speaker cable runs.

The principle question is will the Marantz play pretty with the Audiolab mono-blocks? Or are there other considerations.

Open and prepared for all advice and suggestions.....


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FWIW I'm using a 6010 with an Arcam P7 power amp and it is 'playing pretty' with it. :) It has just replaced an Arcam AV8 processor and I don't feel I'm any worse off for music and films are better by virtue of the HD decoding which the AV8 couldn't do of course.

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