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Hi, long time reader first time poster. I hope I've done everything properly. I've recently bought a Marantz SR6004 for £50. It seems like an amazing piece of kit for the money. However I'm having some issues getting my PS4 to play sound through it.

Basically I just have 4 speakers, plugged into front a and front b. All I want is to plug my PS4 in and have it play through all the speakers via optical. I've plugged it into optical port 1 and set the PS4 audio output to optical but I can't for the life in me get the sound to come through the amp.

I'm normally quite good with electronics but this thing just has me at a loss. I'm sure I'm missing something silly but no idea what it is.

If I have to use HDMI then so be it but again I'm not sure how to get it to work. All I want is for the sound from my PS4 to come through front A and front B.

Any help would be much appreciated!


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It sounds like the inputs need setting up in the menus.

Most likely there will be a page for input assignment where you can select which inputs are assigned to which source device.

Do you have a HD or 4K television? If its just HD then using HDMI might be a better option as it would allow you to use uncompressed HD audio from Blu rays.

The input assignment is on page 25 of the manual
Marantz US | SR6004
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