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May 21, 2008
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I'm hoping that you guys can help me with a decision I need to make shortly. I've got an ex-display, (no damage), silver Marantz SR6001 stored away, with a deposit on it, but I can get the deposit back and not have the amp. Cost would be £450. Need to decide by Saturday, and have only heard the SR6001 and Onkyo 605.

I'm looking to get a full cinema system, but am in no rush, and am looking at speakers in the price bracket of up to around £1500, (hopefully less though!). Heard SR6001 with the MT-30s and was very impressed with the amp.

I've tried to summarise my thoughts below. First the positives:-
  1. Sound and build probably best I can get at price point, now and in the near future
  2. No point in spending few hundred more on the amp, (SR7002 twice as much in silver), even to get DD/DTS HD decoding, as would get better improvement by spending on speakers, which will also last longer
  3. Can get HD audio trough HDMI as long as the sources I use pump out PCM, or can decode DD/DTS HD to PCM, which I'm thinking most sources will.
  4. Doesn't support Deep Colour, but of dubious benefit, and not likely to be used much. Could take HDMI 1.3 straight to display if wanted to see it.
  5. No Lip Synch, but not in use yet / not of great benefit.
  6. Other SR6001 will be about £600 for a while yet if I don't get this one
However, then I also think
  1. Will I need more HDMI audio inputs? Only has two. If I need more, (which is possible), I'll need to spend on quality switches and leads. Is there something in existence, (haven't found anything), or coming soon that will have same sound quality, but say 4 HDMI 1.3 inputs, meaning I almost may as well have spent extra on the other amp instead of switches?
  2. Not done wide demoing of amps, so sound quality view not fully proven.
  3. Once I've got the amp, it may limit my speakers choices.
  4. Will source types start to appear that won't output PCM through HDMI, or getting one that does costs a lot more
  5. Is current economy meaning there'll be some bigger bargains in the coming months?
Hope the above makes sense.

I'd really appreciate any comments anyone has, on generally if you think this buy is a good idea, or if you think I can let it go without regretting it.

Realised my post above is probably too complex to get many replies!

Basically I'm thinking if I want to spend about £4 - 500 the SR6001 is the best quality amp I'll get at this price, and not having HDMI 1.3 is not a big issue as most sources will provide PCM.

However, I'm worried that I may end up spending £50 - 100 more on HDMI switches later, (as it only has two HDMI inputs), and that in that case there may be another amp of similar or better quality with 3 or 4 HDMI inputs for £600 - 700, (or maybe one soon to be released), that I'd be better with.

Wondering does anyone disagree with my viewpoint on HDMI 1.3 benefits, or know of a similar quality receiver £6 - 700, with more HDMI inputs, available now, or think one's likely to be available in the next few months? (Thought of the Onkyo 705 at one point, but don't think it has the quality over the SR6001?)

Any info or opinion much appreciated
The SR5002 can be had for 400 notes (I bought mine in Sevenoaks for that price a few mnths ago). It has 3 HDMI in and does LPCM over HDMI just fine. No HD decoding but does it really sound any different to stuff decoded in the player anyway? - it's a very subjective issue.

The money is going on a quality amp for the price and is also good with music. (note: rear pic here shows older SR5001 so only 2 HDMI in)

PS looks better in black (IMO)
Thanks for the reply.

Yeah, I'm not sold on spending a fortune on the HD audio decoding. I have heard sometimes the pure PCM on disks is at a lower quality than the DD/DTS HD, but I think most sources will do the docoding anyway. I think the quality of the amp would make more difference.

However, not being able to attach enough audio sources without spenfing on switchboxes is a bit of a nuisance.

I think I'm going top pass on the SR6001. It's been pointed out that the SR7001 with 4 HDMI is now only about £650 new, so I'm happy to pass this up and see what happens I think. I'm in no hurry, so it may come down further.

Hi, I was searching the internet for marantz 6001 oppitions. Because I am thinking of one myself, beacuse I can´t motive myself to by marantz 7002 at almost twice the pricetag. I don´t think it sounds twice as good ither.

But still I haven´t compared them or listened to marantz 6001 so I would like to hear oppitions about it.

kkinda have you read this review ??

The diffrence in soundquality is very little between 6001 and 7001.
Its probably smal diffrence to the new 7002 also then...

I have read that review. I can't see the 7001 being twice as good either.

I heard the 6001 with HD PCM Casino Royale, and some tunes, and was very impressed. Not heard the others though.

In another forum, I've been tipped off that it can disappoint with HD audio though, so maybe there's a bigger difference to 7001 than that review suggests. I think the 7001 is THX certified. And it has the 4 HDMI inputs.
Sorry, about my english. Im from sweden so maybe that can exuse me :rolleyes:

Disappoint whit HD audio ? That sounds serious ? Do you men sacd or dvd audio ?
Or the hd-tracks in movies ? Beacuse you were not disppointed in casino royale though?

The THX logga is just cosmetic to me :) . Though 4 hdmi`s might come in handy in the future. Though I think I will survive just fine whit 2 :) I don´t even own anything today that uses hdmi :rolleyes:

The audio is what im am most consered whit. That is what I am paying for :)

I don´t know if you are alowed to post link to other forums but otherwise could you pm me that ? I would like to read about what they where disappointed whit ?

Not sure what the guy meant, but he just said "Don't get me wrong, the 6001 is a good bit of kit but I think when you go high def, you find it a bit lacking."

I know what you mean, but the THX logo isn't purely cosmetic, and should mean some extra quality with films.

And with the HDMI inputs, yes they do switch video, but are also the way to receive HD audio, so it's an audio issue. With the SR6001 we are saying only two sources of high-def audio, (unless you start buying switch-boxes, which would also degrade quality).

What I'm hearing elsewhere is that you can get SR7001s for in the region of £450 if you shop around, so I'd rather try to get the better amp with more HDMI inputs, as I'm in no rush to buy.

But that's just my opinion.
Hi kkinda,

Maybe he meant that its lacking because it can´t decode the new HD formats ??
I can´t think that 10 extra watt do that mutch ?

Two sources should be inuff. Now that blue-ray won the match. You only need one. But maybe you have a PS3 or so to...

Okay, in the audio store I went to, they said it was a loooong(like half a year) time since they stopt produce 7001 you can´t get it anywhere. No store in sweden has it.

But if you can get the marantz 7001 for £450 I would buy it. Here in sweden 6001 is the only one for sale and the price has been droped to almost half since its release it costs £514

I think I've come back to wanting the SR6001.

Sounded good enough to me, and the review does say very near 7001. And having thought about it, I probably don't really need more than 2 HDMIs, (had forgotten that many consoles, HDTV, and high-def media files don't carry HD audio, just HD video; that can go straight to a TV).

The only thing that worries me is that I've seen internet comments to the effect that the 6001 can't receive 7.1 PCM only 5.1, but I'll ask the guy in the shop again.

Also I've tried tracking down the SR7001 for £450 and it's not happening, not even ex-display.

Lowest I've seen is £500 ex-display, but it was a long way away from me.

Next lowest I've seen SR7001 for (new) is £639 in one place, but most nearer £700, and the SR6001 tends to be about £600 new, (saw it for £399 ex demo at same place as above).

I've got no real need to buy right now, but I want to in the next few months. With many manufacturers having recently released new lines, nothing is appealing to me in the near future except the Marantz stuff.

Though the prices may go down a bit over the coming months, I think probably stocks will run out first. Even if I see 7001s for £450 in a few months, in sound terms I won't have lost out by much by having the 6001.

Alternatively, if I don't get the SR6001 now, I'll need to do lots of web monitoring to try and get a low price, and risk having to pay £600 or so for an SR7001 or SR6001, or failing to get one at all.

So, after changing my mind many times this week, I'm going for it. I'm going to give it a good inspection and if I still think it's undamaged, I'll get it.

Thanks for the discussions. Very helpful, and hope you've found it so as well. I'll let you know what happens.

Hi again,

I am thinking mutch in your direction. Though for me its whetever I should get 6001 or 7002. The 7001 is not an option since it is not for sale.

I know 7002 is better on many things. But I just cant motivate the extra prisetag. Almost dubble the price.

About receiving 7.1 PCM i have also read that. But the problem is the same for 7001 I think. So no diffrence there.
For me its no problem since i only use 5.1 and I am thinking about biamp the two extra channels anyway.

No problem :) Please post if you get any new impressions from the marantz 6001.

I haven´t made my mind yet. For me it is no rush. Though not many stores have 6001 in stock and only the silver color is left. I won´t be able to buy it for long now...
So i feel kind of rush.

Got the SR6001. Checked and was told it can receive 7.1 PCM, and can also apply surround effects to push PCM 5.1 to 6.1 / 7.1 speaker setup.

Using old speakers still at moment.

Yeah, I started to feel rushed in case all the older amps went, and I think I've done the right thing.

I didn't go for the 7002, as as you've said it's twice the price. It will probably be around for £500 itself in a couple of years
I think you´ve done the right thing to :) It´s def a good buy whetever you need to buy a switch in future.

Can you tell anything about the sound? Is the odyssy working good ? 2-chanal music ?

Soon I can´t wait any longer... think I will buy the 6001 to :)

Sorry I haven't posted my thoughts on the 6001 for a while. I've been really busy.

I've found it very good. It's given a whole new dimension to films, and I'm wanting to re-watch them, even on my old speakers. It's digging up lots of detail and ambience, and I feel much more "in" the film. Even just with the surround applied to Sky TV programs are much more involving.

Stereo is very good as well, through old Sony speakers, and again I'm hearing much more detail and feeling.

I'm very impressed, and can't wait to get proper speakers, (demoing again this weekend).

Hope this helps. Not sure if you've already purchased.

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