Marantz SR5500 /PLII no subwoofer present




I have a new Marantz SR5500 receiver. I have a little problem. In Dolby PLII mode there is no
subwoofer present when listening stereo (PCM) music/ movie. In settings all speakers are set to LARGE
and bass mix : both
When listening movies (with pcm-stereo sound) from Dibibox, it would be nice if subwoofer is present.

Can someone SR5500 owner confirm, should it be so or is it something wrong in my receiver.

(sorry my bad english)

F G Evans

try setting the speakers to small instead. that way the low frequency sounds will be output through the sub woofer. Pro logic II does not have a dedicted .1 channal so force the sound through by putting the speakers on small settings


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Diamond said:
DTS: Neo6 is also way better than PLII.
I think that is a matter of preference, I used to prefer DTS:Neo6, but now much prefer DPLIIx.

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