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Please help, I'm fairly new to world of Home Cinema and am looking to start of with a Marantz SR5400 and a surround sound speaker package.

I think I would like to go for this amp but would like get some feed back.

I am also trying to look for a good speaker package at a decent price.

I also intend to add a CD player at some stage soon hopefully.

I have a toshiba combo DVD/VCR.
I have one and think it's excellent. Very powerful but also controlled with precise steering. Music is warm and mellow with good clarity. Looks fantastic too. Reasonably future proof for a 6.1 system as it has DTS 96/24.

Check out the review here.
Thanks for the info I pretty sure I will go for it, I notice you have the Eltax Liberty 5.1.

I have seen these in RS and think it looks like a good deal. Do they go well with the Marantz?
Hi I've had a a 5400 for about a month now, and all I can say is it's brilliant for the money.

Sounds fantastic was the my MA B4 av Speakers. Find myself turning the volume down sometimes, as it does me ears in. ( Maybe i'm just getting old lol )


Nice sounding amp, poor remote. Instuction book is badly written. Doesn't seem as powerful as the figures suggest. A bargain at £300.
I've never used any other speakers on my system but I think the Eltax speakers are excellent and go fine with the Marantz. I get peace of mind as they all had five star reviews at much higher prices than I paid.

I don't actually have liberty 5.1 although they are all Eltax. What I have is Liberty 5+ fronts, HT2 bipolar rears and a Monitor center. My sub is the Sub10. The whole lot cost me £250 but I think some of them have actually gone up in price. I've biwired the fronts and filled them with kitty litter to deepen the base.

The Liberty 5.1 package also gets great reivews and will probably be slightly better matched with each other, especially the center. There's no sub with that though.

I auditioned the Libs against a pair of Missions, the Eltaxes sounded reasonably better.

I don't think you can go wrong with them.
Doesn't seem as powerful as the figures suggest.

I would say the 5400 is plenty powerful enough and better than any rival at that price. I think it has seperate power supplies for each channel which means the power doesn't drop when in 6.1 mode.
My old yammy dspa 3090 would wipe the floor with it power wise. :( Still happy with my purchase tho.
Does any of you guys know what difference the OSE version makes? I'm looking for good stereo. Is it worth the extra cash?
This is a quote from the HiFiBitZ web site:

'SR5400 Original SE is the Marantz self-tuned version of the SR5400. To dramatically improve the sound quality, all the components are critically examined, after which it is possible to determine where customisation is needed. At the end of this detailed process the power supply lines are enforced and the audio circuitry is tremendously tweaked up. This custom treatment gives a much more consistent response in entire frequency range. Musical reproduction is characterized by improved transparency and image, as well as tonal accuracy.'

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