Marantz SR5400 with dropout problem - alternatives ?



Purchased a Marantz SR5400 back end of Jan, which I'm running with Mission M3S home cinema pack.

Great sound, and ive been really pleased, HOWEVER, when watching DVDs the soundtrack would drop out for a split second every 3-20 mins for a split second. TV/PS2/Video etc all fine. It is only whilst wathcing DVD's with Dolby Dig or DTS soundtrack. Tried different cables, both optical inputs, co-axial input, different leads, different dvd players, different settings on the receiver. No avail, still getting drop out.

Took the unit back and the retailer agreed to replace it. Took the second unit home - same problem only this time a little more frequently, typically once or twice every 10 mins !!!

I've since found out that several Marantz models (and some other mfr's for that matter) using early versions of a specific Cirrus DSP chip are prone to this problem. Odds are the shop got the same batch contianing the same chip hence both units I tried had the dropout problem.

So I'm taking this second one back. The retailer has no more SR5400 in stock. So its a refund, or a different receiver alotgether.

Anyone any suggestions for an alternative ???

Retailer suggested the Yammy RXV-640. Also I consdered Sony STR-DB790 or maybe forking out a bit more STR-DB2000 (although I cant find any review son 2000 yet).

What would be the comparable £300-400 Denon and HK 6.1 amps as I ought to check these out too ?

What I liked about the SR5400 though was it handled stereo music sources nicely as well as home cinema. Also the switchable LFE crossover to 80Hz which works nicely with the mission m3s pack.

Any info or suggetions on alternative welcome. Equally if anyone thinks I'd should stick it out and try get another SR5400 elsewhere. Certainly as reviews goes it still rates very highly in the 300-400 bracket, and comepetes well against 400-500 receivers.





Marantz knows about this problem and has corrected it in the latter baches of thier recievers. Your dealer must still have the first generation of recievers in stock...He should send then all back. If you are a big Marantz fan, then I would suggest you call Marantz to get a listing of the serial numbers of the bad ones and avoid the retailers who have these numbers...You can, and others have gotten the good ones and do enjoy them without the drop out or over heating problems.



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I just returned my second SR5400 for the same reason. The retailer in question was absolutely brilliant and offered a Pioneer 912 for an extra £10 or my money back. Probably worth a try but I decided to take my money and get out of a/v for a while. Pity about the dropout issue because the Marantz is otherwise a fine amp in most respects.
Funnily enough when I first bought one in December I was oblivious to the dropouts, more concerned about the amp locking on to bitstreams quickly as people in the forums had reported problems with earlier models. Soon after the dropouts became more apparent and after much swapping cables and dvd players I read about the chipset bug. So 2 units later and i'm a/vless.
There arn't too many budget amps that sustain thier power into 5 channels. I think if I ever return to a/v I would prefer a second hand higher spec amp. My previous amp to the marantz was an old Yammy DSPA3090, I paid £150 from a local dealer, an absolute steal and an amp that, power wise at least, wiped the floor with the marantz.


I bought what I'll assume to be a 1st gen SR5400 in December (Christmas present to myself), and it also suffered from dropouts. I've since brought it back to be fixed, and it's somewhere in the States having the chipset upgraded. I'll be three weeks on Friday, hopefully I'll be getting it back soon! I love that thing other than this!

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