Marantz SR5400 owners


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I have a query regarding the remote on the SR5400.

Can it be used to control non Marantz devices? If yes, how can you program it?

Is it by manufactures code numbers (3 or 4 digits)

By Macro function

By learing the commands (remotes facing each other, commands entered and learned).

Your help is much appreciated


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I've got an SR4200 and it has other codes in its memory using 4 digit numbers. No learn function. It had no problem finding my cd and md players but doesn't do dvd recorders.

I'm about to upgrade to the 5400 too and I assume it's pretty much the same. However I use a OFA Mosaic so won't use it anyway.


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Yes, there is a list of devices/manufacturers at the back of the manual. Controls my DMR-E50 ok, although certain specialised function are not available e.g. the direct navigator & time slip.

Only problem I have found is that the standard controls for the 5400 are also the same for my Arcam A85 so altering the volume on one alters both at the same time.


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