Marantz SR5200 I Need More power?But How?



Having had this amp for a couple of months now and have now moved to a house with no neighbours, seems a bit weedy when I crank it up. My speakers are 8 Olms (Kef Cresta 2 )and the 5200 is rated at 6 Olms. Would I be better off changing the speakers to whalfdale diamonds which are rated at 6 Olms to get closer to the 90 watts or am I better off to sell the amp and get something with a bit more power? If that's the case anyone fancy trading amps?:rolleyes:


Will Trade Kef Cresta 2 + cresta centre for whalfdale diamonds!!!!!:eek:


That change of speakers would only make matters worse! If you have a problem with power, the lowering of speaker impedences will only exagerate the problem. If you wanted additional volume from speakers, look for a high impedence speakers with a high sensitivity...... or another amp! :D



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I'm running Wharfedale Diamonds from an SR6200 with no probs. There shouldn't be any problems with yours really, unless you have one of the early faulty batches? ...:confused:

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Originally posted by MattTheCat
There shouldn't be any problems with yours really, unless you have one of the early faulty batches? ...:confused:
The problems with early batches weren't anything to do with volume. Are you sure that you're not hard of hearing or do you like to listen at ridiculously high levels.

The Crestas are rated at 90Db so are sensitive enough. I wonder whether or not you are suffering an equipment mismatch as you are partnering an extremely powerful subwoofer with budget speakers.


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Hi Jasonb,

How big is your room????? I have recently bought a 5200 (upgraded from a Sony 930) and have found it to be good in my room (my room measures 14' x 15'). Max volume used it at so far is -14db (that was on AOTC) and found it to shake the house (in conjunction with my Stadium II)(severe wife upset factor too!!!).

BTW using a Mission 77 setup for fronts (773e's and 77c1 all rated at 8ohms).



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Hi there

You can always add power amps using the preouts. That´s what I did (rotels 971 feeding Missions 775), and boy, no lack of power!



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