Marantz SR5007 problems & New amp choices?


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Hello all,

I am hoping people can help me with a number of questions regarding my Marantz sr5007.
I purchased mine back in October 2013. I had owned a cheap Sony AVR sourced from eBay, for a couple of years but the speaker relay was failing and I was yearning a 'proper' AVR. I had heard good things about Marantz and went to my local, reputable Audio/Visual shop. I purchased the amp for £500 and was absolutely delighted with the results. HD mastered soundtracks sounded better than I could imagine, and coupled with my new Project TT Pre-amp, my vinyl came to life. After a couple of weeks though I noticed that occasionally my amp would go into 'protect' mode, cutting out and flashing a red light.

I took it back into the shop and the fault wouldn't replicate. Once I had the amp back home it started faulting again, and I noticed it always seemed to be when playing vinyl. After a bit of investigation (and a pre-amp on loan from the Hi-Fi shop) we seemingly reached the conclusion that the pre-amp was infact causing my receiver to go into protect. I was told at the time this could be due to a voltage imbalance (please tell me if this even exists!) and that some amplifiers have incredibly sensitive protection circuits. I changed my pre-amp and problems subsided.

Around February 2014 the amp faulted, however this time it was accompanied by a small flash from inside the casing and a small pop. This time the amp wouldn't power up. The lights lit, but as soon as the speaker relay tried to click in the amp shut down. I returned it to the shop and they sent it away under warranty. When my receiver returned, it did so with an accompanying note stating that a speaker cable must have short circuited. This then went on to leave me with the impression that I was lucky the warranty covered it and in not so many words "be more careful".

I was a tad stung at the accusation of incorrect/poor speaker wiring techniques and did mention how careful I was when wiring the amp up. £500 was above my initial budget and I was extremely keen on protecting my investment, so I spent some considerable time making sure my speaker wires were wound tightly with no stray strands. The chap who sold me the amp didn't really want to point the finger at me but did say that it only takes one strand to do the damage. I was recommended to try using banana plugs to connect my speakers. I was keen to make sure I wasn't going to have a repeat of this situation so I bought banana plugs for both receiver and speakers. I returned home for another episode of carefully wiring up my Marantz baby.

In fairness, my amplifier then behaved like a saint, not once faulting. UNTIL. Monday 18th January 2016. I came home and switched my amp on to listen to some music, a daily ritual. I was in the other room and about 3 minutes into the second track when all went quiet. Assuming it was a network error, I re-entered the living room to find the dreaded blinking red light. And lo and behold, the amplifier now refuses to switch on, perfectly recreating the fault of 2 years previous.

So this leaves me in a pinch. I rang the shop I purchased it from, where they said that as it was out of warranty they could get their in house engineer to have a look. This would cost £20 which is refundable against the cost of the repair. I am hesitant to throw any money at the amp as my faith is waning. I have emailed Marantz directly outlining the original issues and am awaiting a response.

So question 1:
Has anybody on here dealt with Marantz outside of warranty and had any success? I'm not too sure if I am just wasting steam on them or if they are likely to empathise with my situation.

Question 2:
I am looking to potentially buy a different receiver after an outcome has been reached. My budget is obviously sensitive to what happens regarding my amp but I can realistically expect to spend maybe £400 tops. What do people recommend. I have looked at Onkyos and Pioneers but I seem to hear lots about Onkyos failing and every other Pioneer on eBay has failed HDMI ports. I don't want another ticking time bomb. Yamaha has crossed my mind. If anybody has any experience of amps in this price range I would be keen to hear their results. I tend to watch more films than listen to music these days but I still use this system for music so stereo performance is still to be considered. My speakers are Kef IQ10 for the fronts, a Kef Coda 80 for the centre and some Kef rear surrounds (I don't recall the exact model numbers). My sub is a Paradigm PDR10.

Question 3:
Has anybody else had a similar problem with a Marantz amp? I haven't stumbled across any on here but it would almost be nice to hear I am not on my own.

Many thanks in advance and I hope somebody can help!


Mr Pleasant

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Joe, I honestly don't think I can help, but I feel compelled to comment because your post has touched a nerve. My current amp is, in AVR tech terms, ancient. I've had it around fourteen years and it was second hand when I got it. It knows nothing of lossless audio codecs or even HDMI; it doesn't have a network port and was probably built before anyone on this forum had sent an email. BUT it has simply worked since the day I got it, flawlessly and utterly reliably. There are no signs of wear, nothing to suggest anything internally is degrading, it still looks great and all the knobs, dials and switches feel smooth and reassuringly solid. On a few occasions I have been tempted to 'upgrade', but everything I get my hands on in Richer Sounds, etc. feels so lightweight and cheap. Then I come on this forum and read the owners' threads with their endless tales of woe...

I have come to the conclusion that £500 simply isn't enough to spend. All the manufacturers seem to be building to a price point and trying to compete on specs, to the detriment of quality parts, quality build and quality control. I don't know where the sweet spot is, but I'm increasingly convinced it's a long way out of my budget. Fourteen years ago, spending £600 on a second hand amp felt like madness, but now I'm not so sure.


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Mr Pleasant, your response, while a little bit deflating, does ring true. The Sony amp I upgraded from had been purchased at least a couple of years prior to the Marantz. Although the speaker relay seemed close to extinction (sometimes 10-15 seconds constant clicking before the amp would actually stay on) I gave it to a friend. It still works to this day. I thought going for a brand like Marantz would help me avoid shoddy cost cutting but alas I was wrong. Lesson learnt.

Mr Pleasant

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It's a Denon AVC-10SE. If you remember those old 'champagne gold' Denons of yore. I read a few years ago that this amp was Denon's first attempt to gain THX certification and they threw everything at it to ensure they didn't fail. It's probably ridiculously over-engineered, but I get the benefit every time I turn it on. I'd call it tank-like, but there are probably tanks on the scrap heap that were made after this amp left the factory. So where do I go from here? I can't justify spending way over £1k or whatever it would take to buy something its equivalent (an Anthem springs to mind), not with an eldest who needs a hand to buy his first place, another at uni and a third who hasn't even gone to uni yet. In that respect we are probably no different to everyone else on this forum who has to balance their desire for the best kit with the real world. I wish you luck sorting things out. If you post your experiences on here, I'll read with great interest.

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This touched a nerve with me as well. My Onkyo 577 just packed in recently, same safety red flashing light mode as you describe. It's annoying as its had low use the last couple of years due to babies. In fact I turned my Projector on for the first time in a YEAR the other day only to watch......Rocky IV!!!!
I'm at the same crossroads as you though I will not be buying another Onkyo. I am considering the Marantz 7010 and spending more this time as I also want to go 7.2.2 with Atmos.
However I am also considering buying second hand Rotel power amps and a new processor. The Rotel amps seem solid for many years.
Pondering daily.


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I'm pondering too. Heard plenty of horror stories about Onkyo but I haven't had one some can't comment. Mr Pleasant has made me think a bit though and I wonder, does the addition of hdmi and features such as upscaling, network connectivity etc, affect the longevity. There is so much more packed into these modern amps that there must be corners cut somewhere. I think I'll just get a soundbar......


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So just an update on the situation. I have spoken on the phone with Marantz. They have been very helpful, elevating the situation to their service department. I'm aiming to finish up with a repair /replacement. In the meantime I have shopped round for a receiver to replace it. Further to Mr Pleasant's thoughts on older amps I have plumped for a Pioneer vsx-ax3. It arrived yesterday and so far so good! Very impressive sound quality and power on tap. For the money I paid I won't be heartbroken if I only get a couple of years service out of it.


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My thoughts exactly. I'm way impressed with the sound quality of this amp though. Very punchy whereas the Marantz was very smooth and relaxed. Stuck Avatar on last night and it was exhilarating!

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