Marantz SR5004 going into protection mode when playing vinyl records



I hope you might have some knowledge or advice for me. My Marantz SR5004 is going into protection mode when playing vinyl records.

It's hooked up to a phono preamp (Rega Fono Mini a2d) going into my Rega Planar one. Whenever I play from any channel where the phono preamp is plugged into, whether it be CD, DVD etc, it goes into protection mode when I either lift the needle from the record or when I crank up the volume (not by a lot though.) It then blinks twice per second, which according to the manual should mean there could be a problem with the impedance, but my speakers (Dali Ikon 6 mk1) have an impedance of 6 ohms, which this AVR should be able to handle. The problem happens both when I have Audyssey on or if I play music with pure direct mode on.

I have checked the cables and they seem to be fine. I have also seen if the problems occurs when I'm playing music from my phone hooked up to the AVR with an AUX stick. When I listen to music that way I don't experience this problem at all, even if I increase the volume with an decent amount that goes over the point where the AVR starts going into protection mode when playing records.

I'm not the most savvy AVR-expert, since this is my first real set-up, but I got a feeling that the problem might be due to the AVR and the phono preamp not matching very well. I think I read something about this sort of problem somewhere, where it was mentioned that might be the reason, but I cannot find the thread. Even if that is the case, I don't have a spare one to test this out with, unfortunately.

Do any of you know why I encounter this problem or have any tips on what I could do to fix it?

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It sounds like the Rega Fono Mini a2d phono preamp is defective and in need of service (still under guarantee?). I don't buy into the "mismatch" fake news argument - the interface is too well-normed for any reputable manufacturer to possibly have such a massive incompatibility.

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