Marantz SR4400 low output from front left


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Hoping someone can help me. I have been really impressed with this amp but suddenly I am getting virtually no output from my front left speaker, the speaker and cable are both ok and I have rechecked the setup of the amp. Any ideas?


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Does the speaker sound OK when you use the test tone to cycle through all the channels. Are there no shorts on the speaker cables both at the amp end and speaker end? Have you tried increasing the volume to the front left? does it make a difference?


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Thanks for the quick responses but yes I have already tried both of the above and it is definitely the output from the amp that is at fault. It does produce a very low level of sound but that is really faint even when output level is increased.


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Hi, I'm new here.

Your problem sounds very similar to one I've had with my Marantz PM55 audio amp for the past year or so. The problem began like yours, so I had someone repair it. He told me the problem was dry/bad solder joints. Maybe its a problem Marantz are prone to? *shrug*

Unfortunately the problem soon re-appeared, and now when I switch on, it can be either channel that is low in volume, or not working at all. I lift the front of the amp and let it drop, giving it a jolt.. I keep doing this and eventually its ok.. 'till next time I switch the amp on.

Of course your problem could be unconnected *groan* ;)


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Hi, I am having the same problem with my Marantz SR4400. The low output on the left speaker is actually the noise from the radio channel breaking through.

However when performing T.Mode test all speakers seems to be working fine.
I also tried all the input channels and all of them apart from 6.1CH IN ( :thumbsup: ) are affected with this issue :( .

using 6.1CH IN (one chinch for each speaker) would be OK for me if I could still use bass, treble, dts, dolby digital and other features which are not available for 6.1CH IN. (the most important for me is to direct sound to a central speaker when watching TV by using Crystal Sound II).

If anybody found a solution for this or managed to repair their amp, please share your experience.



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Shameless bump of this old thread - Did anyone found the issue with their amp?

Mine has a very low output on the front right and rear right channels, I've replaced the cables and speakers - the issue is definitely the amp.

Solved - sort of.... Pulled the amp apart and vacuumed it out, when I put all back together it was fully working again. The rear left has gone again, so there must be a dry joint in the amp I need to look for.
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... so there must be a dry joint in the amp I need to look for.

Or (as was said by the previous poster some 16 month ago), 'I would bet its the speaker protection relay has worn or dirty contacts.'

This would give exactly the same symptoms as having a dry joint.

You'll need to trace back from the intermittent channel speaker terminals to its protection relay.

Check for dry joints there first and resolder all the connections.

If it is still intermittent, see if it's possible to squirt contact lubricant into the relay.

If it's STILL intermittent, you might need to consider replacing the relay , but that's NOT a trivial exercise, unless you're REALLY competent with a soldering iron.

It MIGHT well be a dry joint elsewhere in the channel's amp, but problems with contacts on protection relays are relatively common.

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