Marantz SR4400 as a preamp



Hi All

This is my first post and i am so confused as to all the pros & cons of the av receiver reviews i've been reading.

I was wandering if you would recommend me taking the path of using the Marantz SR4400 as a pre-amp and using the Rotel RM 1075 THX cert 5 channel power amps as a power source. The SR4400 is relatively cheap amp with 24 bit/192khz dacs and the Rotel amp has ample amplification at 120w rms x 5..

The reason for me choosing this path is because I was told that this is the most cost effective way of going separates with getting good quality amplification with a good quality surround circuitry decoding in a pre-amp.

I welcome all your comments on this decision. By the way I have the Tannoy Saturn’s S6 across all 5 speakers as my speaker setup. I have a home made 12 inch Adire Shiva driver subwoofer with 250w RMS redgum amplifier which I built myself and is quite adequate for subwoofer duties.



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The SR4400 only has a sub pre-out as far as I know, so I don't think it will be possible.


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6.1 Pre-amp outputs provides a logical upgrade path to a more powerful home theatre system using external amplifiers

You can do it with a Marantz SR4400 :thumbsup:

Why not only a separate 2 channel amp for front stereo use?


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yeh just get a 2ch power amp and separately power the fronts using that. unless of course you fancied biamping and running the tweeters off the Marantz and the woofers off the power amp. Intreging although in theory different amps have different tonal characterisitcs but give it a try

Rotel make good 2ch power amps as well as Arcam, Nad etc. try www.superfi.co.uk

best 'o' luck to ya :)
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