Marantz SR4300 - NO BASS!


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I've just received my SR4300 and hooked it up. My first impressions are good - great sound quality and build quality.

However, i've noticed that there is very little bass. I'm running a pair of floorstanders (they are DIY speakers - design taken from Audax website). I tested the speakers with an old 30watt pc mini system, and had the perfect amount of bass. However, the Marantz only produces very weak bass. It could be that the treble is too high, therefore meaning that i'm keeping the volume down. What volume do most people use for average listening? Any ideas? Could the amp be a duff?



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Several possiblities.....unlikely that the amp is a duffer,given that it's producing sound.
More likely is that the bass management settings are incorrect,and may be resulting in very little bass information being directed to your speakers.
A few you have a sub running?
Also are the speakers set to large or small in the setup menu?
What frequency is your bass cut off set to?

If you're not running a sub,and the speakers are suitably full range,you should set the sub option to off,and the speaker size to large.

This may get you started...good luck.


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Thanks for the reply.

It's set to stereo at the moment. No other speakers connected yet. All surround speakers, centre and sub are set to OFF. The front speakers are set to ON and LARGE.

This has really confused me!

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