MARANTZ SR4200 Anything wrong with it ??



I have decided to buy the above amp, I am on a budget and the reviews I have read seem favourable.
I read on these threads some time ago that there had been a problem with this amp and you now have to ask for one with a sticker on the back of it ??!! (modified or something ??).
Could anybody clarify this for me and anybody else who owns one your thoughts would be greatly appreciated .......


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I owned one for a short period of time, others who have stuck with it will no doubt be better placed to comment, however here goes.

I purchased my 4200 from Richer Sounds and liked the sound. I should point out that I used the unit as a pre-amp/processor as I have a number of power amps to drive my speakers.

As a replacement for a Yamaha accepting a 5.1 input from a DVD player with onboard decoding, the difference was startling. However, there were a couple of minor niggles that marred my enjoyment.

There was a well documented problem with this unit with DTS soundtracks. Basically play a DTS soundtrack, then pause or stop the film. Leave it for a while and restart it. One of your rear channels was then filled with pops & click that sounded very unpleasant. Some units had it, others didn't. To get round the problem, switch it to something else then back to DTS. Now it would be okay again.

Apparently a duff component was the root cause. Marantz took steps to modify units and make parts available for existing users who wanted their units fixed. The way to tell if you had a "modified" unit was to check either the box or the back panel for a green mark/sticker.

A search on this forum for Marantz, DTS & problems will probably turn up everything you need.

The other thing that annoyed me slightly was the fact that the Volume infra-red commands were shared by my main stereo amp (an Arcam Alpha 6). Apparently this kind of thing is quite common. Every time I went to increase the volume on the Marantz, the Arcam would increase its volume too thereby playing havoc with my patiently calibrated channel settings. However on the plus side, my universal remote now has a "learned" set of commands for my Arcam that I didn't have before. :)

The remote was kind of ugly, and it doesn't seem to be possible to get it to control a Sky digibox. Aside from that I would say it's worth an audition. Mention the What Hi-Fi ad in your local branch of Richer Sounds and you'll get one for £200.

In the end I returned mine because they couldn't give a firm date for fixed units being available. Now I'm saving for a real processor instead.


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Very happy with mine. Mine doesn't have this green sticker but I have never experienced this popping and clicking with DTS tracks.
I have read it can depend on your local electricity supply and what voltage it is at. Dunno if true though.

I would recommend one.


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The word from Marantz re: the duff component was that they didn't test it with a UK voltage, only mainland Europe which I believe is 220 rather than 230/240.

Apparently the component only fails with a UK voltage. Duh!

Maybe with the new models Marantz will get them properly tested before releasing them here.

I don't think I'll try their stuff again. I don't really fancy paying to beta-test pieces of kit.


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I echo gz5ztg comments. No problems at all and very happy with my 4200


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I'm also very happy with mine. I do have one small niggle to do with the RDS not kicking in automatically when using the preset numbers on the tuner (does anyone else have this problem?), apart from that I have no other problems and it great with sound in both movies and music.

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