Marantz sr4002 + Jamo A102 setup complete


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I have finally setup my marantz 4002 with my jamos and OMG i cant beleive what i have been missing out on for so long ....

it sounds awsome ...

i dont understand why people are going on about all the new amps when the older ones are out of this world :)

and to think i picked my amp up for £250 is absolutely a bargain ...

I have to say the Blu-Ray experience is to die for :D


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Hi Raakesh76,

Hey, that took you a long time to set up! I remember you said something about family commitments preventing you from opening the box until a few days later and us lot telling you to sell the family etc but, come on! That was weeks ago!

Anyway, glad you are enjoying it. I knew you would because the 4002 is brilliant compared to other offerings - even more expensive ones. It's a shame Marantz are not so common in this country since they are clearly a top,top brand. Maybe it's because we like features more than performance or we more readily believe the trash about future proofing etc?

One things for sure, you bought at the perfect time. £250 for that is a steal (as you now know) and there aren't any left!


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Your absolutely right ...

I actually had it all setup and i just hadnt switched it on :(

I still need to connect my PCH to it and then im all done...

the only down side is my Cable box (Nokia Dbox2) doesnt give me 5.1 surround sound .... it only detects it as 2 channel stereo ... shame really but BLU-Ray and PCH should make up for that :)

The manual is like a bible ... i still prob need to set it up properly but the hard work has been done and now its time to sit back and enjoy...

i have to admit the speakers are damn good as well ... granted they may not show the full amp potential but there is room for improvement...

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