Marantz SR4001 and hdmi switching


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Looking at the specs for Marantz SR4001 and it says it has hdmi video/audio switching. Can some-one tell me if this then will allow me to plug 1 hdmi lead from my hda1 into it and hdmi from a ps3 into it and having 1 hdmi out to the projector ?


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I have the SR4001.
I have my Panasonic EZ25 DVD Recorder and Virgin V+ Box both connected by HDMI to the SR4001 and one HDMI to my Panasonic TX32LXD60.
All I have to do is select the source on the amp for TV / DVD and it switches no problem. SR4001 will carry picture and sound over HDMI - I think it will only carry 5.1 though and I'm not sure if that's LPCM or if it Upscales / Up-converts lesser inputs but I'm sure someone will be along to put me right ;)
I'm using mine with the Kef KHT 1005 5.1 setup and I'm more than happy.


Hi Deezer,

Will the Marantz actually *decode* the audio from the HDMI input?

Or do you need to also connect coax/optical to allow the amp to decode the audio?



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I'm happy with mine. This is my first "proper" AV Receiver and paired with the Kef Eggs sounds great in my room. HDMI switching and sound over HDMI makes life so much easier too and saves money on additional cables! There's no auto setup via mic though but I had no problem setting mine up - just need to connect the amp to the screen using a phono - phono cable. What HiFi have a small review on it this month - only gets 3 stars but from what I have read on here so did the Onkyo and they seem to be biased towards the Sony 1200. I don't think many people on here have this amp - probably because Richer Sounds only have it on their Irish website and I think it's an in store item only. I got mine from the Belfast branch and for the money I think it's great.

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