Marantz SR-7400 AV Reciever,do they port sub bass?



(long time listner first time caller)having just purchased a Marantz SR-7400 AV Reciever and waitng for delivery could some one tell me if it has a line out for sub wooofer? i think i might have made an impulse buy, :oops: ah well u live and learn


:D Thx Evil i can't wait,
ive sort of fallen in to this AV malarky quite by accident quite recently and it seems to be taking over specially since i've now discovered Ebay yesterday.
It all started when i went to an auction for lost and recovered property and miscellanious items looking for a bike and bought a sony MD portable (cos it'll be nice to listen too on the bike :rolleyes: )and then suddenly i found my self bidding on a pair of speakers (had no idea what they were and didnt realise how big they were) any now my hand was in the air along with 4 others , the auctioneer counted them of at £2 increments mine being the last at £32 when all i wanted to bid was £24 and the hammer fell ithought ive paid to much ah well so i went and looked at the speakers they were huge and i didnt have transport so i took one home on the train and then carried it home, got on the internet and looked them up to see if they were any good , and apparently they are , i've since found out. the're Paradigm Monitor 11's wow what a sound and such a revelation im becoming obsessed so ive been bumbling along since then (two months ago) slowly unpicking the intricacies of AV heaven through forums like this and daydreaming my way through the web on clouds of av equipment, and now my targets are narrowed down so i.d appreciate some evil expertise opinions and comments ,
this is my hit list
Paradigm PDR-8 sub woofer
Mordaunt Short 10i Pearl Edition Shelf Speakers (for rears)

this is what is arriving
Gale 3060B Bi-polar speakers (sides)
Marantz SR-7400 AV Reciever

all because i bought these by accident
Paradigm Monitor 11's
stop me it's a disease and im infected
and i still haven't got a bike :suicide:


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You're not the only one who's been bitten! At least you seem to be enjoying it which is the main thing.

You got a very good deal with those Paradigms and they'll sound excellent with the Marantz receiver. You certainly seem to have done your research as I think the Paradigm centre is just the right match for your larger pair. Although the PDR8 is a very good sub you may do well to consider saving up for a bit longer and getting a better model as otherwise you'll only be upgrading very shortly (trust me! :D ). Have a look in the sub's forum but if you can stretch to £300-£400 you're into a whole different territory and it's well worth the extra. :)


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i was bitten at the unfortunate age of 14 :rolleyes: and now my system is inching ever closer to the top of the mountain where a panny pw7 lies. *sighs*


Well i was thinking about what u said about the pdr8, whats the draw back that will have me upgrading before i can say "Tactile Transducers"? I spose i could go to a pdr10 , as u can see im trying to stay paradigm for asthetic reasons (matching badges) :rolleyes:
but some one said it was a good idea for another reason , something about "harmonious resolution" (it wasn,t a paradigm saleperson) what ever that is, but hey i dont mind trying some, may be its a karma thing. but any way they'll match and look pretty.Oh by the way the Marantz fell through :confused: what did i do wrong *sigh* what todo ? Just been on ebay and there are 3 possibilities but i find the specifications mind boggling which would you go for?
im trying to juggle the specs and their age and come out on top but it keeps my head swirlin an swirlin etc etc etc
if any. golly

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