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Marantz SR-7002 vs. SR-8002



I am planning to buy a B&W M-1 system. I haven't decided whether to go 5.1 vs. 7.1 or whether to get the AS-1 vs. AS-2 subwoofer yet. (I have posted threads about these two questions as well if you want to contribute, or just add it to this one if you like). I plan to get one of the above receivers, but I'm wondering if there is any benefit to the SR8002 over the SR7002 to justify the
extra $600 for my purposes? With the B&Ws having a recommended amplifier power of 20-100W, and the SR7002 having 110W per channel, is there any reason to even consider the SR-8002? I know there is way more to it than just
watts, which is why I need your help. Thanks.


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A quick comparison I did on the UK site shows the 8002 has over the 7002:

125w per channel against 110w
Toroidal Transformer
Copperplated Chassis
Customized Components
Line memory
60 Tuner presets against 50 for the 7002
Multi room out via component
Gold plated In/Out
IR receiver in and Emitter out
HD Radio

That's about it

They both share the same manual so there are a great number of similarities. Here's a link to the manual:


Hope this helps.



Thanks. I did actually see that, but I have to be honest. I do have a decent ear for sound quality, but I couldn't tell you from a technical standpoint what makes it sound good, which is why I'm wondering if any of you can look at that list and tell me if it is worth the extra $600. My inclination is to say no (for my purposes anyway), but I'm wondering if there is something there that makes a big difference that I am not aware of.


Toroidal Transformer
Copperplated Chassis
Customized Components

There's your three that will affect the sound quality. They won't make a night and day difference, but will make a difference. It'll either be a case of nipping to your local dealer to try both out, or you being brave enough to spend the extra without audition. With the B&W's you're getting, i'd say just go for the 7002. I'd run with the 8002 if you were buying a better lifestyle package, or having an AV speaker package based on larger hi-fi speakers.

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