Marantz SR 5400 + DV4300


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Just a bit of advice wanted really.

I am about to update my dvd and amp from Yam s795 and Yam rx592 to the above (replacing as dvd is playing up a bit). I've had my current kit for 4+ years.

Would the above give me improved sound / picture etc on my current kit ?

I can pick the above up for £410 on unbeatable which seems a good deal (in black).

I've had a look around the forums and this kit seems well rated - are they well suited to each other ?



My speakers are MS902'S,903'S.


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yeh that'll give you a great improvment although i'd be inclined to opt for Pioneer VSXD812 amp @ £300 and Pioneer DV565a universal dvd player @ £200. More flexibility, far easier to use amplification and sacd/dvda playback too :) Silver finish only though, I believe.

Would recommend Yamaha RXV/DSPAX640 / DVDS540 but allegedly the amps getting replaced soon...i personally like the Yamaha stuff for the ease of use and overall movie sound although as i said, still inclined towards Pioneers.


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Thanks for the reply Rozzar.

I had thought of the Pioneer dvd. Like you said the audio capabilities of this appeal (although I don't have any "special" cd's yet).

Haven't heard much about the amp. I'll have a look into this. Thanks.

Must admit would prefer the silver finish anyway, just saw the Marantz at a good price (not too fussed as the kit is behind closed ddors..
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