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Oct 10, 2000
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Have there been any thorough reviews of the new range of Marantz receivers yet?

Wait one more day, this afternoon I will listen them on “AudioShow”, Lisbon.
I'm interested in the 6300 myself does anyone have info on the UK specs or release dates? Unbeatable have it at £404 which seems ridiculously cheap to me!
Originally posted by James45
Unbeatable have it at £404 which seems ridiculously cheap to me!
At that price BUY IT! :eek: It should be the same as the 6200 but with DTS Discrete ES and DTS NEO:6 check for some rough specs.
How do you reckon the Marantz 6300 at £400 would compare to the £600 Denon 3802?
Everyone seems to love the Denon, but I was just offered it for £850!!! Come on Superfi!! Even their Sony 1080 was £499!!!!:eek: :eek:
I can't really justify spending the extra so I'm going for the Marantz if I can get more details for it, I don't think its out yet, but the Marantz seem to be better value. I'd like to hear it but I don't mind buying blind, I've done it before and I haven't gone wrong yet.
I've been looking for amps all weekend and my conclusion is don't look in Leeds, all I saw all weekend was about five 1070 with stickers saying "JUST IN". Load of cobblers. Couldn't bring myself to go in Sevenoaks although judging their competition I might pop in tomorrow and see if they have the Marantz at least they can do a demo.
I love my marantz for movies and stereo it's the mutts and if the new models are half as good they arn't going to be bad.
Cheers for the recommendation Kev

I'll give Unbeatable a bell tomorrow as their email isn't working (not a good sign) to get some details.

I think this is the amp for me.
Does anyone have the full spec of the 5300?

Originally posted by James45
I've been looking for amps all weekend and my conclusion is don't look in Leeds, Couldn't bring myself to go in Sevenoaks

Do you guys just walk in and start looking around, then ask to demo kit? No wonder stores like Sevenoaks get a bad rep. I always phone a couple of days ahead and book a demo AND ask them to have whatever I want to hear ready to go when I get there. The store manager thinks you are serious and therefore takes you seriously too. They really try to help you.

Note: I look a good few years younger than my 29 years (I still have all my hair - ha ha) & get those same "looks" from store clerks if I just cruise in.

P. S. No offence James, I hope I understood what you were trying to say above:blush:
yeh perhaps I was being unfair on Sevenoaks like I said I'll take a look tomorrow and maybe arrange a proper demo. Although I've never forgiven them for having one of the worst demos of a plasma I've ever seen, they gave Shrek a crappy picture quality:eek: :eek: , now even the most simple of simpletons could make that film look stunning on a plasma.

I got a little annoyed on Saturday with some of the 'customer service' from the other shops tho, I didn't get the feeling anyone wanted to sell me an amp and I was chomping at the bit to buy BUY BUY!
Originally posted by James45

get the feeling anyone wanted to sell me an amp and I was chomping at the bit to buy BUY BUY!

Exactly!! You get all excited about getting some new kit while at home. Then you spend ten minutes in a shop and don't feel like looking at anymore AV again! Ever! Don't those bloody clerks enjoy their work?:mad: Visiting most hifi stores just makes me depressed:(
Spot on, I was well dejected.

I may head over to Manchester at some point heard some good things about the Hi-fi stores over there.
Just phoned Unbeatable, they're going to phone Marantz UK and get a release date for the 6300 emailed to me. Impressed with their phone service... very quick.

EDIT: I'd also like to take this opp to apologise for slagging off Leeds Sevenoaks, just been in and it appears they've got some new staff, although a couple of them looked like they hadn't been out of school long, the sales pitch was perfectly balanced just the mix of I'll leave you to it/I'll go out of my way to help you/I want to sell something to you, very professional.
And they've finally sorted out that Plasma, they were showing Lady and the Tramp but it looked stunning.

They also had the spec and price of the 6300 (£549, which seems more realistic, I can't see Unbeatable honouring the £404 price) they seemed to think it was out now and available to order.
As far as I can see from there the only difference between the 5300 and 6300 is 10 watts per channel extra, a different remote and the inclusion of DTS 96/24. Is that right? Am I missing something?
Yes you are right, there isn't much difference between the 5300 and the 6300, but as I've already mentioned on another post, the one to go for is the 7300. Even more power, component in/out and RS232 upgradability! This is the first time this feature has been available on ANY receiver under £1000.
It has to be the one in the range to go for.

can't find any mention of the 7300 but out of the features you mention only the component in/out would be handy (and that would only be for future upgrades.... a long way off). To be honest I'd rather save the cash and go for the 5300, I don't think I need any of the extra bits on the 6300.

The 5300 has dd-ex, dts-es (discrete), 90w per channel and DPL2 which is really all I need.

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