Marantz SR-5011 AV Receiver: No more picture / no HDMI OUT


After moving my Marantz SR-5011 AV Receiver to a new location I no longer have any output. It says "setup use tv" but there is nothing coming out of the HDMI outputs. If I stream Bluetooth Audio to the receiver and I connect headphones I can hear the Audio. But Over HDMI I can't even see the setup menu on my TV. When I push the "status" button the LED Screen on the receivers states the respectable HDMI Source, but it also says D=none..Any help would be greatly appreciated


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With the power on do a hard re-set by unplugging from the mains electric. Wait ten minutes and replug to the mains. If that fails to bring up the main menu then your next thing would be to try a factory reset as below.

Resetting factory settings​

Perform this procedure if the display is abnormal or if operations cannot be performed.
Various settings are reset to the factory default values. Make settings again.
Ope Resetting R5009

Turn off the power using
Power Button

Power Button
while simultaneously pressing M-DAX and ZONE2 SOURCE.

Remove your fingers from the two buttons when “Initialized” appears on the display.

Before restoring the default setting, the “Save” function of the web control function can be used to store the various settings of the unit. link
However, account information for network content and information on registered favorites cannot be stored.


Thanx Gibbsy, I still have no picture but I can at least now so some settings over the front panel, still no hdmi output though... I wonder what the d=none means when I press the status, the hdmi input is detected automatically, does d mean no destination for video?

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