Marantz SR-4300 vs Cambridge Audio 540R


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Which one will be better?
Will be used with Cerwin Vega V-10F and V-6F speakers.
Please help me with some advice, as I have no chance to hear both of them right now...

I've heard about some "cracking" in channels on Marantz, but it is not a common problem I suppose?

And possible option is still NAD T742, but it would be nice to have 6.1, isn't it?


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Why not go for the marantz 4400?? Its as cheap or cheaper than the 4300. Also the yamaha rxv440 is a cracking amp if you like yamaha's styling.
The marantz and the yamaha are know quantities but the cambridge is a newby.


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The problem is that I can't find SR4400 here in Norway.

Btw, if anyone can say about marantz-"watt"? Is it 80x6 really? Do they measure watts in the same way as i.e. NAD?

That is what the most interesting thing about Cambridge - what are they capable to do in multichannel line? They doing well in stereo amps... And descrete amps on all channels with 80W/8Ohm, with total power consuption 850W and aluminium metal facia...


I have had the Cambridge Azur DVD and reciever for about 4 weeks, priced at £500 GBP for the pair in the UK, I just cant fault it.

The 100W into 8 Ohms, 2 channel is best described as 'soft' and the 6.1 x80W into 8 OHms is pretty impressive as it is currently driving some very mismatched speakers.

I'm used to a TAG set-up so it is not fair to compare but still, the Cambridge makes a great alternative to mainstream products and looks excellent.
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