Marantz speakers not working


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I have a Marantz amplifier connected to DVD player and cassette player. We moved the entire cabinet with speakers from one room to another recently and then one speaker was giving a jumping sound. I then unscrewed the problem speaker and put it back but now both speakers aren't working.
The amplifier and speakers are from about 1991.

Don Dadda

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Hi and welcome.

When the problem started, which speaker was not working, left or right?
What model marantz amp and speakers do you have?
When disconnected the speakers, the amp was off wasn't it?

Make sure there a no loose or stray cable strands and that they are secure on bindings.

Check the audio cable on both the CD and cassette player are connected properly.

Check the input selector on amp hasn't been knocked slightly out of position or if it has A/B speaker selector, make sure that is correct as these are easily knocked out of position during moves.


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Hi Don,

At the start, the left speaker was not working. I deduced this by switching each speaker on and off.
Marantz amplifier Model PM-80
Speakers are Jamo Concert II

Yes the amp was off and unplugged from wall socket when disconnecting speaker cables.
I have tried playing iPod and CD by changing the input selector accordingly and there was no sound on the second time.

FIXED.... I have just solved it. Last night when I screwed them back on, and checked it, no speaker was working and today I found why..... I have pressed both speaker buttons on the amplifier to turn them off! today I turned them on and the sound was great through both speakers.
Thanks. My silly mistake.

Don Dadda

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Yep and twice for me.

You won't that forget that in a hurry now

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