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Hi Guys, I have owned from new my Marantz SA-15S1 CD player and still using it.

By far the finest CD Player iv ever owned after my previous Arcam CD93T which iv still got as a backup boxed up.

Anyhow Iv service all my equipment my self as much as I can. And twice a year I give my Marantz a clean up I. E clean up any dust inside and manually clean the laser pickup using Servisol IPA 170 using cotton buds gets the laser pickup squeaky clean. I have done that for the past 4-5 years or so and it works a treat keeps the player in tip top shape.

So it's getting to that age we're I think I want to go one step further and next time I clean it up 6-7 months from now I want to renew the greese and possibly the belts for the transport.

Its working perfectly fine with no signs of skipping or mistracking or even very long seek times for either CD or SACD. The tray comes in and out without any faults or stutter or any unussal noise.

Iv never done the belts or grease at all. I could just sent the unit down to my local Denon/Marantz Service centre for a full service but will cost around £50 + why should I. I can learn and do it my self. Iv come this far with all my Denon /Marantz gear.

So guys please advise what greese should I use that is safe for the player and idea on where I can buy the belts or correct size belts.

I certainly don't want to skimp on cost as long as its reasonably priced. After all this player new cost be around £1.4k. I certainly can't afford that again for now and this player should have many more years of life before I buy another.

All adivse welcome 😊👍

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